c-cuTcYD_normal.jpeg Boring Joe Mauer (@BoringJoeMauer)
2/1/15, 10:00 AM
Most pitchers I’ve known are not belly-itchers. And Perks really doesn’t like it when I itch his.

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3 thoughts on “Testing

  1. pm1956

    What are you testing?

    OK, here is something that you might find interesting:


    I thought it was thoughtful. i happen to be a SciFi fan, and the idea of abundance is one that occurs pretty often there. I hadn’t thought to see the current situation in Greece in that light, but it does kind of fit (a transition…)

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I was trying to see if I could email a tweet I liked and have it appear on the blog. For what purpose? I dunno….

      I read the article. It spoke at least obliquely to something I wondered about as a dilettante philosopher and ‘observer of the human condition’….. Because I have asked myself rhetorically, are people owed a living in a world of mass produced abundance? I think the answer is yes… this going against bootstrap, capitalist ideology.

      1. pm1956

        Well, yes. That is the problem of some parts of libertarianism–what about the rest of the people? Eventually they will revolt, if they do not have anything to do. So any “design” for a country must think through how do you keep all of the people satisfied–or at least believing in the legitimacy of the state.

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