Jots with dots 2/5

Valor stealing – I think he’ll probably have to resign, even given a double standard that excuses liberals of many things that conservatives don’t get excused for. Is Brian Williams a liberal? Yeah, inasmuch as he’s a feature in that milieu. To be charitable, I think this can probably be explained by something less than a sort of sociopathy. It is a story that took on a life of its own early on, and it’s not clear Williams was the source. He does seem to have found himself obligated to repeat it over the years. Update: maybe not, this is a bit extravagant:

Unbound: That’s a freshman dorm toke fest pass the bong quality social science observation right there. But a false equivalence also I’d say. Here’s the serious critique.

I think it might be. Meaning, Rand is going to be one of the last 2-3 guys standing for the R nomination. It’s not obvious he’s going to win it, but that’s still a breakout.

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…: This would be conservative outrage du jour if not for Brian Williams. Carrots and sticks and nudge-ocracies perhaps have their place in special circumstances, but liberal ideology is hopelessly flawed re its lack of a limiting principle.


3 thoughts on “Jots with dots 2/5

  1. pm1956

    Victor David hansen is a fool. his NRO Corner piece is shit. No, you do not always need to say that Christianity is better than alternatives–you only do this to appease Christians like hansen who want to parade around as better than everyone else. Pride is a mortal sin, but hansen always seems to forget that.

    Obama’s point is that Islam has not yet had the benefit of a Reformation. There are no other cultures where cultural relativism is common–and it is cultural relativism (which Hansen hates) that allows people in the West to be tolerant of other religious faiths and other cultures. Hansen is opposed to cultural relativism, and constantly wants to point out how much better we are than all the rest–which really is only a small step towards saying why do we allow them to be here (in the West) anyway?

    So cultural relativism is what makes us better than all the rest, but Hansen hates cultural relativism. So he’d prefer that we lower ourselves to their standards. What a smart guy.


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