Jots with dots 2/4

Vax Americana: Josh Earnest can’t say whether vaccinations should be mandatory, ya know, with avoidance punishable by fine and imprisonment Which is Rand Paul’s position. But Rand Paul is a kook, and the President isn’t, see. Not a double standard but a false equivalence certainly, right?

My alternate title: Scout II: The Revenge Anyway, a very big deal. I did not know that: Truman Capote and Harper Lee grew up together.

We must pass a tip credit so restaurants don’t do this.

JFK Conspiracy: “Slawson is not describing the sort of elaborate, far-fetched assassination plot that most conspiracy theorists like to claim occurred, with a roster of suspects including the Mafia, Texas oilmen, anti-Castro Cuban exiles, southern segregationists, elements of the CIA and FBI, and even President Johnson. Slawson did not believe in 1964, and does not believe now, that Fidel Castro or the leaders of the Soviet Union or of any other foreign government were involved in the president’s murder. And he is certain that Oswald was the only gunman in Dealey Plaza.” I buy this. Occam’s razor. It would probably fall short of swaying Glean Guy, other kooks who think it was Birchers and Texas oil men.


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