The deuce, 2/1

I think this is going to change, but at the moment the dude is still acting like he’s going to take this job. What’s strange is, this has dragged out for some weeks in the face of overwhelming public disapproval. Tomassoni is one thing, he may rilly rilly want the extra $6500 a month along with his attendant recalcitrance / rationalization that makes him think he can ride this out. He’s deluded. Question is, where’s the RAMS executive(s) that offered him this job? Who’s running this show that allows for him to plod on and seek cfb opinions, etc? Time for a come to Jesus meeting. Let’s be real, Tomassoni can’t take this job. I thought it paid less, but it’s pretty choice. It might be a ‘real’ job by the way, with real duties, but its feather nesting as well as a violation of political norms.

Pedant (me) weighs in – It’s worthwhile to figure out how Kmetz got his guns, he being an ‘ineligible’ person. Story makes reference to some disappointment by Stanek that Kmetz’s straw buyer won’t be charged by Hennepin Co. Well, an offense for straw buying isn’t codified at the state level, umkay Rich? Not hard to grasp. Rather, it’s a federal crime. So jailing the straw buyer at the county jail for the 72 hours you have before charge or release seems like grandstanding and an abuse of process. I don’t know how they would have booked him. The straw buyer appears to be a barely adult functioning 42 year old, btw, albeit one with a clean record. If the feds think they can get justice by putting him in federal prison for several years, well, yeah, they can do that.

Scary Skyways – Uh, it’s a bit as if the police are telling you to believe them rather than your own lying eyes. There are a lot more ‘youths’ in the skyway since light rail. To what extent they are wild, this probably can be managed with some police presence. Prior to a couple weeks ago, the police did seem a bit absent. One just passed me in the skyway today on a Segway, which I think reflects a different and new intensity.

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…:

97% Consensus One question that ought to be is, is alarmism a thing? I mean, does it exist, is there a group of people who overstate AGW? Or are there no overstaters, ie they’re all right on the money. If the answer is yes, they exist, then the science ain’t settled.

God bothered Minnpost’s editorial bent here would be to mock the believers, fair to say with subtlety, but mock them no less. And they have a couple of surveys here by which to demonstrate the believers’ ridiculousness. Chortle chortle. I think it’s a stretch to hang a hat on a caricature of someone who ‘prays for their team to win the Super Bowl.’ Prayer is quite a bit more nuanced and complicated than that.


3 thoughts on “The deuce, 2/1

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I dunno… Rand’s a physician. He isn’t dumb and he isn’t kooky, as a physician I would say whatever anecdote he’s got to stand on is probably better than say Michelle Bachmann’s.

      He’s basically making on observation about the government’s power to make a parent put the needle to their child. He can’t approve of it being compulsory / coercive. Which was Pres. Obama’s position 2008.

      Kennedy…. She’s one of them atheist libertarians like Penn Gillete…. If you ever take writing assignments here at the blog, I am going to have you write about that. Not that it doesn’t stand to reason, but I have no idea what the vibe is with that group.

      1. pm1956

        Well, definitely he is smarter than Michelle, and, as a doctor, I am more likely to pay attention to his medical opinions.

        Still, this is pretty bizarre. I understand his not liking the government being able to force people to do things, on general principles, but there are some things that Government can force people to do–and vaccinations should be one of them. It really is a case of being incredibly selfish not to have your kids vaccinated–selfishness that can cause great harm to thousands of other people. And, despite what Rand is saying, there is nothing other than anecdote to suggest that vaccines have ever caused autism. No scientific evidence whatsoever.

        Chait is perhaps a bit harsh and dismissive, but he is right.

        Oh, and I think it kind of makes sense that libertarians are frequently atheists. Libertarians are the most “rational” of all the political types (by that i mean that they value rationality higher than tradition or emotions or intuition or fairness, etc.), and that really is the basis of atheism, too (most atheists are atheists because they feel there is no proof of god, or because they think that religious teachings do not make sense).

        There is actually a bit of a kerfluffle going on in the atheist community about the extent to which other political issues should considered, kind of driven by a lot of atheists being older white males, a number of whom like to think that they are “wild & crazy guys” out to pick up the chicks.

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