Jots with dots, the Monday after the Super Bowl

I didn’t watch (much of) it. We have one TV hooked to cable, and as I was in the shop all afternoon, the Mrs. snagged the TV at one point to rewatch Pride and Prejudice. Then she turned it over to Boy00, because he was deserving in that hadn’t played Xbox all weekend. Really though, I’m ambivalent about football, as I’ve somewhat demonstrated before. We all are. And still, I have observations:

Katy Perry – we cut in to watch that. She was good. No lip syncing, she’s a pro. That riding the gold tiger thing may end up being iconic. Guest appearances by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot: A commentary on the commercials might make this point better, but the whole afternoon had the overly superficial feel of an effort to get every demographic box checked.

Puppies, kittens, and horses, oh my – by now we’re in the world that Facebook made, and it’s past cloying. What can you say. Yes, everyone likes puppies and I do too. It’s lowest common denominator stuff though.

On Budweiser – are they the last mega brewer left standing? I’m sure not I guess. There’s Miller. For all their advertising power and market capture though, I’m moved to mull that I doubt I’ve ever bought a 6 pack / 12 pack / case of any AB product in my life. Beer has always been somewhat regional though, and Bud’s always been an outsider here.

No, it doesn’t

Background noise: The Rooskies like to provoke in the Baltic. You’d think it would be a stretch for them to think they could do more. One thing: the Swedes may be supine, but figure they know the Rooskies have to go through the Finns first. In the past that’s been tough sledding. PS: kidding not kidding.

I said that: Thing is, if you stop coddling them they’ll turn Republican.

This is actually what I don’t dig about him: Zingy likes Rand.

Vaccinations: I had measles in 1976, at a time when as a practical matter it had been almost extincted in the US. I used to check the old World Book almanacs to see how many people had measles in the US in 1976, I think it was 4. Don’t have any idea how I got it, we were not anti vax-ers.


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