Jots with dots 1/28/15

It’s a bug, Bob – There ought to be credulity, for technical, legal, and commercial reasons, that the absence of the Star Tribune’s commenting threads is because CenturyLink made an editorial decision to filter them out of their ISP traffic. Architecturally I can’t think of many reasons at all that CenturyLink would have ability to impact the Strib’s comment threads. If CenturyLink is the Strib’s internet host, figure maybe that the ‘blocking’ is not an editorial decision but the unintended consequence of a software change that disabled the commenting application engine on the host server, that done to address malware / backdoor security considerations. I really doubt it’s a reaction to trolls. That’s an absurd conclusion to jump to until that time at which it’s not absurd, but we’re not there yet.

Eric Black has a rejectable premise. It’s the linkage that’s bogus, IE, caring about the lower or middle classes must = caring about wealth and / or income inequality. Wise Democrats ought to understand that, yes, Republicans do care about people like ‘you’. It’s just that they view the redistributive argument attached to it as dubious. Particularly since there’s nothing to be done about ‘wealth inequality’ that isn’t totally at odds with American commercial tradition. I mean really, if it was actually a solvable problem, a tax code that addresses it would have been passed when there was complete Democrat control of congress over 2009-11. What’s the Republican solution? More holistic and nebulous I’d say, which is a weakness. But it’s deregulate, tax more efficiently so that we can have a vibrant economy where the price of labor increases.

Related: Gold collar Democrats to Pres. Obama: We use 529’s, and don’t want them raided to pay for community college for the poor kids.

Inevitable pushback: Amanda Marcotte on Jonathan Chait. Kevin Williamson is amused

Liberals are more civil than conservatives: Dropkick Murphys rilly rilly hate Scott Walker. Just ask them I tell ya, these union people and even these poseur union people, those not actually in unions but claiming a love for them… they are as obstinate and recalcitrant as… and here’s an analogy for ya… NRA members. Amirite, amirite?

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…: I was looking at the legislature site to see if there were any controversial gun bills to come. Not all that much, though guns at the capital may get worked on. I did see this: a bill to legalize scopes on blackpowder muzzleloaders when deer hunting. Which is to say, currently scopes are illegal on muzzleloaders used for deer hunting, you can apparently be ticketed for that. Wha-hut? Ok, on reflection I guess I can see an etymology. Deer hunting used to be harder than it is now, because there weren’t as many deer. So if you were going to have a muzzleloading season and offer some privileges with that, like either sex permits, you may have limited the technology to those Frontier ways, Grandad’s old Hawken rifle and open sights. The scope ban would have had zero impact to manage the deer herd though, so there’s no reason to not take it off the books now.

CSI: Western Wisconsin: cue the banjo music


One thought on “Jots with dots 1/28/15

  1. pm1956

    Erik Black:
    i have to admit that I find the mentions by Boehner & Mitch about how Obama’s policies have benefited the 1% intriguing. The implication is that they have something different and new to offer….but not so far. Really, the only policy that the GOP has ever offered that help the bottom has been the EITC. And I think that is a great policy, but i do not see the current GOP seeking to expand this.

    Obama is right. this is a benefit for the wealthy. It is a great program, but an accountant i know pointed out that this is also a great intergenerational way to pass on wealth w/ minimal taxation. Establish one of these for each of your kids, put that money in it every year (tax free) allow it to grow tax free, and then pay for your kids college anyway (do not use the 529), and pass the 529 on to the grandkids or great grandkids. And if they choose not to use it for education, they only have to pay a 10% penalty (which, after 25 years of tax free growth, is nothing–you are talking maybe $10 million here in principal, with no inheritance taxes, etc.).

    Chait and the PC world.
    I liked Chait’s piece. Bottom line is that it should be possible to allow people to say shitty things w/out having to defend the things they say. Sullivan pointed out that what is now happening on the left already happened on the right–when people like Sullivan and Frum were declared persona non grata on the right for apostasy. It destroyed the GOP brand (it was captured by the fundies, mainly) and allowed idiots like Palin and Jindal to achieve a stature that is beyond parody. Could do the same on the left. Liberals need to remember what liberal really means (classical liberal–which is the source of both modern conservatives and liberals, based on free thought and free expression. Edmund Burke, not Goldwater)


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