Bad weekend for 46 year old dudes living the dream

In 3’s as they would say about celebrities. These guys aren’t celebrities, just guys noteworthy for their quality and the timing of their young deaths.

The DWI fatality… what can you say. People lament some drunken vehicular carnage, but we’re past outrage. Nothing will change and it’s not obvious that it should.

The sales consultant… there’s a picture of him playing hockey, in which he looks in fine enough shape to play a little hockey. I’m mindful these days that when people say heart attack, they can either be talking about an infarction caused by a blockage, or an infarction caused by a heart valve splitting in half, dissecting. In any given example, it’s not like you get the autopsy details as a member of the public. But it would seem like the one you have no chance coming back from is the valve dissection. So, it’s giving me anxiety is what I’m saying. I’m not a physician though and am probably just hypochondriacal as well as probably grossly misinformed. I am 46 though. I played league broomball last year and probably would have played this year had I not had a leg incision that wasn’t closed by the opener. There’s a lot of huffing and puffing at 46, almost no matter how good a shape you are in. It’s probably unwise to some extent.

Teacher / barkeeper. Jeez…. I’m self-conscious here of the outrage I can gin up within myself from the news. It’s evoked from stuff like this. The Walter Mitty fantasy is to be a part of the mob that overruns the jail to string this guy up, then goes to burn his parents’ house down. Now, do understand the literary context here casual readers. It’s a Walter Mitty fantasy, not an expression of intent, etc.

The newspapers are so behind Twitter and the TV stations on this, at least in terms of what they will report. The skinny is, the perp was an underage drinker the barkeep escorted out at one point. Perp was affronted (..he’s obviously mentally ill). Perp waited in the parking lot till after close to shoot the barkeep. Ya wonder how it could have gone different. Maybe if you have a bouncer on staff to handle that stuff with more formality, but ya know, it’s Willernie, you don’t think you need a Patrick Swayze Roadhouse bouncer at a Willernie bar. Maybe if it would have been a colder night perp would have just gone home.

Washington County has so many of these odd little hamlets… Willernie, Pine Springs… and the numerous ones on the St. Croix. As townships they could be bigger, and govern more space. But way back these little villages on waterfronts wanted to set zoning ordinances at basically the neighborhood level… so they all seceded from whatever they were a part of. I didn’t grow up in Willernie, but I grew up in Lake Elmo, so I went through Willernie enough. Willernie is cute.

Perp‘s family has a lawyer, and he’s made the statement that perp is ‘a good kid’. From my detached perspective here, I can assert with certitude that’s not true. Lawyer also says perp is a ‘part time firefighter’. Weird spin here, that lawyer would seek to wrap the perp in the good things we assume of firefighters. I mean, the path is laid out such that spinning the public won’t help, probably. Perp will get what, 18 – 23 years and be released when he’s 40 or so. Lawyers only job here is to see that the perp is not over-punished, as that’s also an injustice. So why make statements?

BTW, being a part time firefighter at the suburban township level speaks to something good about the people that do it, but its less than this lawyer would suggest. It’s volunteer firefighting with a little bit of hourly remuneration.

Ironic or not ironic: That Fox9 report ends with an observation by the reporter that the perp Garcia is related to Sgt. Garcia from #Pointergate. The reporter I think used the word ‘coincidence’. Hey you know what maybe makes it ironic? The predisposition for stalking.

I was moved to revisit what the handgun laws in MN are for those between 18 – 21. Basically, can’t purchase at a retail gun counter / dealer, which is congruent with the federal law. Can make a private purchase from a non-dealer AKA ‘gunshow loophole.’


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