Jots with dots 1/23/15

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…: Thing is, what ought to be appreciated is that Sunday liquor sales ban is an antiquated and yes ridiculous blue law. It doesn’t really matter what the intra-week sales dynamics end up being if you get rid of it. That’s not a justification of any importance.

Local Media Blackout: I don’t think it’s entirely prurient to want to see the full video. Full video is nowhere to be found however, and it certainly seems it’s been released to the media in raw form.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And the apple that comes from that new tree doesn’t fall far from either of them. And so on. The girlfriend, she’s a Moran. Same family? I’m guessing it’s the one and only. My great-grandfather married into the German-Irish on St. Paul’s west end. The fork that my branch split at was several generations ago and I have not met any Morans personally that I remember, but they are cousins of mine through my mother. They always were a ‘tough’ crew. And still are, it appears.

More Crime blotter: Jeez…. To do the scam, you need authentic inventory to return, and they were buying it. Ya know, ebay, whatever. So they got $5k out of it, over a year, but there’s a cost basis of probably 50% of that. Folks, in analyzing this ya gotta ponder what’s a good compensation for your time. A PT job at Walmart would have paid better.


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