Jots with dots 1/22/15

We’re #1 Kind of a big deal eh. This gives us something to underpin our Minnesota chauvinism.

I do wonder about the mathematical dynamics that allow us to overtake New Hampshire. I mean, not all metrics move that quickly in a year, or much at all over longer periods. But unemployment is kind of dynamic, it will move. Ours dropped precipitously. But New Hampshire’s moved as much as ours, basically. I would think North Dakota would have done better. Ya know, they got oil now. But in my experience traversing their state over 35 years it wasn’t ever my sense there were great deficiencies. You may note also, you look at that list, and it does not seem to break down into superficially red / blue patterns.

Call it a loophole. The law doesn’t speak to the street confrontations that the police instigate, mismanage, and have to end with deadly use of force.

At the movies: Conservative Anger I dunno, is AS doing all that poorly in say NY or Boston? You do have the culture war skirmish that rages online, but ask yourself if that infects people who are not that partisan. Which I think is most people. And to make this much money, you got to be appealing to ‘most people’. It’s to say, people who feel a political obligation to see a movie go see Dinesh D’Souza’s movie or Michael Moore’s movie. AS is attracting a broader audience than that. And it does because in its context it’s still a fairly traditional American military story. I doubt that ever goes out of style, and is of particular appeal to middle agers, who with the preponderance of superhero movies are somewhat denied movie going opportunities throughout the year.

Neither a wolf nor a sheep nor a sheepdog Yeah, I’ve encountered this rhetoric and fair to say been moved by it to a point. I’ve wondered actually, if as a man with the aptitude and judgment that I don’t have an obligation to get a cc permit. The carry guys, I think, do walk through the world with the proper awareness that they are carrying, but more paranoia for crime risk than is warranted. Not that they haven’t been of excellent behavior in general. But that’s not me, I don’t know that I can live as if it’s always alert level yellow, I don’t move through the world that way. Maybe I am a sheep.


One thought on “Jots with dots 1/22/15

  1. pm1956

    #1. interesting. But there is a clear trend here–the states of the old Confederacy are at the bottom. The Deep South Sucks. (and they are all red states).

    Oh, there was an article in today’s WSJ about how MN is becoming cool for millenials. Went for the “MN is North, not Midwest” meme, and featured the Dayton boys, their restaurant and their clothing shop.

    FWIW, I think the thing about concealed carry and worry/fear/paranoia of crime/the world is probably pretty accurate. I have spent a lot of time in South Africa, where crime really is a problem. And you do need to be pretty constantly aware of your surroundings. thing is, i find that to be really exhausting, and it kind of puts me on edge. I expect that something similar happens to people who see the world as a really dangerous place. I could not live that way.


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