Jots with Dots 1/21/15

Jeez, did he learn nothing on the Pony model UN team?

This puts me as the cock-eyed optimist, but I think these guys are being too sanguine.

Holder’s directive removed the federal sanction for this activity, that which allows local cops to seize under federal authority. No sanction, and you don’t have the protection of case law in your state. You’d think that the directive would extend to also removing the ‘federal liaisons’ that these guys spot as the loophole that’s going to undermine. And you go back here to how this seems to have been accomplished in the first place. I forget now who, but it was Orrin Hatch, two other R Senators, and a D Senator who wrote to Holder and asked for this change. Which represents bi-partisan interest in the matter, as well as political cover for Holder. So, yeah, the local authorities may want to undermine it at various points, but it seems a sincere move at the executive, policy making level…..

I’m smitten with that Wild movie. As I said, minimal score in that film, which stands to reason… the quiet of nature, alone with your own thoughts and all that. The musical ambience there is speaks to the setting, 1995 on a northwest hiking trail… So it’s the Grateful Dead basically. Total cliche, because college age granola hikers in the 90’s listened to the Dead right. I’m not mocking, this is spot on. I moved in and out of that world briefly and obliviously in the 90’s, so I know the Dead to a point, I have familiarity, but not really the knowledge of even a good Dead poseur. I am now, however, having a spiritual reaction to this song Box of Rain, and to a lesser extent, Ripple. I get earworms. And I been hearing this refrain from Box of Rain in my head sporadically now for 25 years, since I was first exposed to that song. Specifically the phrase ‘what would you want me to do’. Couldn’t put my finger on it though until this movie. Now sometimes, you get an earworm and run to iTunes to get the song and you end up disappointed, because the full lyrics end up being revealed as say very shallow. Not here. This is such a gentle, uplifting song…..

This became the trope about Jimmy Carter….….

That’s what I said. My observation was, essentially, the amount you raise with this is so small there’s no reason to link it to middle class tax cuts. Just do the middle class tax cuts. It don’t need a payfor, it does not disrupt the equilibrium we’ve reached re how much debt is generated each year. ….


One thought on “Jots with Dots 1/21/15

  1. pm1956

    For all of their success, they never really had hit songs (

    Touch of grey was their only top 10 song, which i always find hard to believe. Probably because their fans were extreme.

    Regarding the Middle class Economics proposals Obama has made–I think that Obama is setting up the GOP to insist that tax cuts be paid for. remember the deficit! no such thing as a free lunch!


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