Jots with Dots 1/20/15

Conservative outrage du jour – Michael Moore… You get down to it, the brouhaha Moore makes is about the Iraq war in total, which Moore is / was against. And ya know, he wouldn’t be on weak ground there, it’s certainly way past a threshold for arguability. 60% of the people in the country might admit the war “a mistake” (to be charitable). But it’s hard / impossible to conflate that with a compelling point about Kyle himself, who is just a soldier. And this inanity over whether snipers are cowards is just that, and the stuff that makes lefty kooks dismissible for their various acute ignorances regardless of whatever other wisdom they bring to the table.

“But if you’re on the roof of your home defending it from invaders who’ve come 7K miles, you are not a sniper, u are brave, u are a neighbor.”

American invader snipers bad, Iraqi neighbor snipers good. He’s telling us to mind the false equivalence there.

I noted yesterday that I had not much interest in seeing American sniper. I’ve got a great retrospective awe actually of military sacrifice and accomplishment done for this country. But I don’t have much stomach for the violence and anguish, and I don’t care to see true to life dramatizations of that. American Sniper is not actually all that controversial for portrayal of violence in general, I understand, though there may be plenty on screen. It’s controversial for portrayal of Muslim violence and war tactics. Which apparently is not fictionalized /embellished. It’s just that the liberal speech code says we’re not to talk about it. Which is the kernel of the Maher-ite observation that was made last year.

Maher was right, but his observation is not penetrating and becoming the conventional wisdom. It’s being rejected. It’s rejection in the wake of Charlie Hebdo is, I dunno, ironic.

More irony: as noted, LBJ’s action were embellished for dramatic effect in Selma, and there’s a brouhaha. In American Sniper, Muslim fighter’s actions are not embellished for dramatic effect, and there’s a brouhaha. It’s the liberal speech code that demands hypocrisy.

SOTU –The President would raise some taxes, like the capital gains rate, to ostensibly lower others, like those paid by the middle class. Hey why not just cut middle class taxes? Ya know, I know Republicans go there too, and probably more…. But this idea of payfors is magic thinking to a great extent. Federal government budgeting, treasury, and currency is a matter of confidence. If you can achieve certain financial harmonies and equilibriums…stability….business will be done in your ecosystem. And at that point, you could print money. Which we have done to some extent in recent years. So it’s a bit grating to observe all this concern over $320B over ten years. It’s nothing, just do it.


One thought on “Jots with Dots 1/20/15

  1. pm1956

    I haven’t watched American Sniper–i have no interest. Really haven’t paid any attention to the controversy, on either side. but what amazes me, overall, is why the Right keeps on fighting taking the bait and fighting and refighting the culture wars. Look at Huckabee and Carsen saying that states should ignore judges and anything the Supreme Court might say, and outlaw gay marriage. Look at huckabee going after beyonce. Hannity, O’Reilley, Rush, etc..

    Why do they keep fighting a battle they have already lost? They’ve even lost the Pope! Don’t you think it is time that someone told them it is the 21st century? Hell, the entire viewing public of Fox is over 70 now (average age!). And i am getting to be an old white guy myself, but seriously, folks!


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