That’s what I said – Tevlin on Nienow

Talked about Nienow here before on several occasions. It’s wise to be cautious of what you say, but I couldn’t hold back from observing how transparently hokey Nienow’s business deal looked. IE, I think you can be a reader, look at what’s been reported and have reason to observe that taking the SBA loan and buying the business wasn’t actually about taking an SBA loan to buy a business…..

That’s probable cause for a news story but we don’t have deep newsrooms for local reporting these days. It’s garnered nary a mention what with Nienow describing it as a mundane business failure and that it adequately resembled that in its superficial way.

Tevlin like me is persuaded there’s not that much cause for that caution, says it ‘smells’

To be fair, and Tevlin is on to this too, there is much room for charitable empathy here. Nienow has a wife and 8 kids and does not appear to have been living large. With his transparently misappropriated SBA loan, it’s just as transparent that the guy probably isn’t a mendacious grifter. That money that wasn’t paid to the seller was probably used to pay various debts that would at some moments have taken the roof over their heads.

Back to that hypocrisy angle…. I was moved by that very idea. Such that he is one, this is not a guy to be making points about people on welfare. It’s the same thing.

Tomassoni – I was going to make a point about this last week, but I edited it out because I thought it wasn’t insightful enough or something. Very high editorial standards at Zingy. Thing is, it’s very low grade patronage lubrication, and probably not terribly corrosive to the political system. But he’s bullshipping. It’s a $45k administrative position that’s he’s ostensibly taking at RAMS. Anyone could do it. You put an ad in the Hibbing paper and get a pool of 15 candidates; 5-6 of them will be perfectly adequate for the job, this is not a job you should have to give to a sitting House member. So they are, in fact, paying this guy to be RAMS man in the House. I do in fact doubt that makes him vote differently than he otherwise would. But it’s something, and you got to either admit that or give the job to an actual clerical worker.


One thought on “That’s what I said – Tevlin on Nienow

  1. pm1956

    I agree about Tommasoni. There is a conflict. On the other hand, it isn’t changing the way Tommasoni would vote. This isn’t vote buying so much as it is patronage, taking care of your own. The Range is pretty tight that way. One thing you can be certain of is that job is going to a Ranger.

    (if Rukavina hadn’t gotten elected as a St. Louis County Commissioner, he’d have that job….or someone else like that)

    Its the range–what are ya gonna do?


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