At the movies – Jots with dots 1/19/15

Selma and LBJ – Haven’t seen it, doubt I will. In the movie LBJ is apparently not properly lauded for being on the right side of civil rights when things changed in the 60’s. Yeah, we like our historical movies to be accurate but there is such a thing as dramatic license. I’m moved to wonder why an otherwise morally ambiguous figure like LBJ is supposed to be on a pedestal, immune from that. Kinda odd to observe all the LBJ worshippers right now. His claim to being a ‘good’ president ought to be fully obviated by Gulf of Tonkin, as the circumstances of that are analogous to just about everything else he did. He lied a lot, and these weren’t noble lies.

Conservative outrage dujour: liberals who don’t like American Sniper. Rogen’s comment is not outrageous. We can’t have a literary discussion about GI jingoism / support the troops because support the troops jingoism prevents the discussion. Support the troops jingoism is the third rail, can not be touched, lest you be called an execrable commie dbag. Somewhat ironic that this is because of Vietnam, and the pushback that developed some years after to the rhetorical excesses of the peace movement. Moore is wrong, Kyle wasn’t a ‘coward’, but… Moore is almost always wrong, as he’s a real execrable commie dbag. Like Moore, my uncle was killed by a sniper in WWII. He was a Lt., shot by a sniper as he was doing artillery spotting at the Battle of Lake Garda in Italy, the last true hot spot in the week before the war ended in early May 1945. Bad hand, obviously, but Moore talks about snipers as if they are war criminals. They aren’t, they are part of the game that is all that hellishness. As for the movie…. I don’t have much interest in seeing it. The portrayal is supposed to be nuanced, right? It’s still a beatification of Kyle and I anticipate being put off by that.

Wild – saw it last night. Different sort of deal. Something less than the dramatic arc almost all other movies have now, and minimal background score. A movie about anguish, and very moving. Protagonist Strayed is talented in real life, and having a bit of a moment now. What preceded the movie is she won the Oprah book lottery. She’s my age, and a Minnesotan, of McGregor and McGregor HS. It’s not as if they appeared to spend inordinate labor working on those MN details, but the movie is Minnesotan through and through, just has that sensibility. It’s a memoir from 1995. And authentic, in even oblique ways, is what I’m saying. Felt like I knew the people types, places, and milieu….had been there.


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