Goofball diary: Adderall is a helluva drug

I’m sorta handy.  I have never been all that averse to real wrench work, and liked some of it.  But I am a goofball, with some propensity to screw up projects such that they cause additional repair and take more money and time than they should.  It’s a thought process problem basically.   You get fanciful and whimsical where other people adhere to a straight line.  Or you go through the swamp where other people walk around it.  Either way, you do the non-sensible thing because it makes sense to you in an odd way.

Well ya know, I am 46 years old now, and you do accrue a certain wisdom at that age.  But you also accrue a certain lack of energy and dullness that’ll slow you down, maybe cause you to make mistakes.  I had to swap out a wiper fluid reservoir on the Corolla, because it was cracked and not holding fluid.  I was not looking forward to this job, but here’s the day to do it, as it’s sort of warm.  But I figured I’d be at it all day and break something in the process.

I opened the Amazon box for this part at 2:55pm and was done at 3:50.  Had to jack up, take tire off, pull  the inner fender well down, do the thing and reassemble. It was crazy slick the way I was going.

I’d like to feel it’s a function of being in the prime of life, mentally, but I took an Adderall before hand.  It’s a helluva drug.


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