Jots with dots 1/16/15

Having it both ways, kooky environmentalism + made in USA jingoism: I don’t exactly know what the point is. I guess it’s da’ range and that you just never know who your opponent will be 6 years down the road. But for now, he would seem to have the votes of both kook environmentalists and laborites. What’s the punishment for violation by the way? $5000 per ton and not more than 60 months incarceration? Ya know, I have my doubts there’s real ability to enforce this. Which is good. But the greater lament might be whether this is worthy of a ‘smart’ senator’s time and how much it actually stirs thoughtful contemplation among the constituents. I’m saying it’s dumb as rocks.

Government is just the things we do together and if you don’t like it you should just go live in Somalia chortle chortle…:

This seems meaningful… so I’m sort of shocked it actually happened.

Pull quote:

“News of Holder’s decision stunned advocates who have for a long time unsuccessfully sought to reverse civil asset forfeiture laws, arguing that they undermine core American values, such as property rights and due process.”

Irony: I’m sporting a beard for the first time in my life (since Nov.) and I’m reliant on reading glasses these day though I see fine beyond a foot and a half. Anyway, with this get up I’m a dead ringer for Andrew Sullivan. Photo pending.


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