Jots with dots 1/13/15

I reject the premise. Best burger in the valley is at Meister’s. Meister’s isn’t in the contest, which is why the premise is rejectable.

I reject the premise and this word. Not a bad article, not altogether erroneous in conclusion or its critique of another article. But author here thinks new gun control having so little support makes it a ‘divisive’ issue. Thing is, the issue is not stalemated here, unless you want to use the word stalemate or gridlock incorrectly as well. The issue has been decided, and the side that was lacking in majority support has lost. It’s thus not ‘divisive’. Also, I watched the Frontline thing about the NRA the other day. Also not erroneous in its observations, but I did think to a certain audience it tries to make the mundane into the mendacious. I don’t expect that can be helped though.

While we’re worrying about giving preferential treatment to restaurants….

Cold. In the St. Croix Valley, we are not in the suburban heat island. It was -22 on the car thermometer this morning. It’s like living in Ely or something. I was working last night, and my subsequent sleep was kind of furtive because I had finished some product but forgot to make a little relief cut there needed to be on this part I was going to mail. This relief cut is done with a Dremel, in soft material, and the length of this cut is say 1 centimeter by ½ half a centimeter. Easy eh. I went into the shop to do the relief cut this morning. I wasn’t going to start my heaters for 60 seconds of labor, nor would they do any heating in that time. You can almost not do it, not physically hold on to something like a Dremel for 60 seconds in -20 temps. Your fingers are in some pain to do it.

Machining: This comes about because the do-it-yourself AR-15 is such a big phenomenon. Guys buy the unfinished receiver blank for AR-15s and build their own. But it’s “unfinished’ so they have to drill some holes or tap some screw threads. What’s trendy is, you get together with your buddies and have a party at the machine shop of an enthusiast and do say 20 at a time. So this BATF ruling speaks to that, they don’t like it. We discuss government here, right? I think the relevant question to ask is whether it’s worth the trouble to put hobby rifle builders through this when there are what, 350 rifle murders a year nationally and they are probably all solvable without origin of manufacture documentation..


One thought on “Jots with dots 1/13/15

  1. pm1956

    Back in the day, I spent a year living up north…in a place called Buyck, MN. Between Orr and Ely, and just south of Crane Lake. People would regularly pull some coals out of the woodstove, place them on a metal garbage can top, and then slide that under the oil pan of their car to warm them up. i also distinctly remember being at a friends place, with no indoor plumbing, and using the outhouse at -58F…….kept the toilet seat inside, and you carried it out with you, so at least it was warm.

    Thank dog for the sauna.


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