Jots with dots 1/12/15

Conservative outrage du jour: US a no-show at the big Paris march. Hard to figure why Obama / Holder wasn’t on the scene. The conservative critique is that the Administration abhors the notion they’d have to put “Islamic” + “terrorism” together in the same sentence. I dunno, but they should have been there. The best you can say is that whatever the Administration was doing, they were overthinking it. Ya know, exerting a lot of foreign policy analysis over it was not actually the smart thing. Just go.

That’s me, and I’ll take it! $2k would be a load of money for moi. These days I do try to withhold to the max, I think I withheld $9k for federal taxes, and I expected to get not a half bad refund back anyway. Smallish financial transactions tax on trading…. I’m for it. Cost of doing business fellas, just like all the money from my checks I never see.

I’m opposed. Re Krauthammer also. Yes I like him. I think the idea that roads all got to be paid by ‘user fees’ in the form of gas taxes is rejectable, since not much else in government is strictly funded by user fees. Ya know, it’s just me making half-assed observations, but I don’t think people are all into cars anymore. Which is to say, people don’t like to drive and vehicle miles per capita has got to be lagging. I noodled around the idea of deflation at the end of last week, but did not write about it. I’m not fearful, I particularly don’t worry there’s risk to wages buoyancy.

Wears like a well worn Mitt. I liked the man quite a bit, thought his personal qualities were actually quite superior. This notion that he wants to run now though does not reflect well on him. The world moved on.


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