Jots with dots 1/5/15

97% Consensus – it was -14 on my car thermometer this morning. How do you like that global warming eh? HAR HAR HAR. I love saying that. Then you get corrected by the earnest warmist types who go, ‘No, a regular cold snap does not mean there’s no global warming, it’s just that a regular heat wave does mean there is global warming…” Isn’t that what they say?

Unlike Dayton’s top bracket tax increase, France’s super tax did ruin their economy…;_ylt=AwrBEiE3aqlUb2wAiajQtDMD

Yeah, this was one of Krugman’s tangents, as well as Piketty and MattY. The problem, obviously, is that confiscatory taxes are not something that will work within the relatively small border confines of a nation. Confiscatory tax rates need to be imposed uniformly on the world, so that dollars don’t seek out the low bidder so to speak.

End inequality, bring back the draft: I ain’t saying it’s a bad idea, though it ain’t my cup of tea. But it is ironic that it’s a fanciful notion of the left these days rather than the right.

Dayton unbound: As with Pres. Obama. Ya know, this premise isn’t all that flattering. IE, I can be more candid about my beliefs now that I won’t ever run for election again. IE, I was obfuscating before, because there’s this axiom, universally understood, that Democrats have to lie sometimes / often / always about their beliefs in order to be elected. Ya know, becuz Americans would reject Marxism / socialism. As I say, just not all that flattering that they get to be ‘unbound’ at any point, it would be better to just maintain the mirage, certainly for the people who do have to run again.

Trader Joe has a brother Silly me, I figured they were talking about Eddie Bane, who is a baseball super scout and was also a #1 draft pick of the Twins in the 70’s. His brother is CEO of Trader Joes. I’ve never been to Aldi’s. We have one in Hudson, my father in law likes to go there.

Had a Reuben last night at Barker’s in Hudson, it was good. My 2015 Twin City Reuben rankings are thus:

1 – Barkers, Hudson. Comments: pastrami. Good and moist all the way around. Easy to eat. Only thing, would have liked to have discerned that the bread was a little more butter seared.

2 – Washington Square, WBL. Comments: a bit tough and dry all the way around. Not enough cheese, not enough thousand island.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots 1/5/15

  1. pm1956

    allow me to play the role of an earnest “warmist”:
    It is the average global temperature, on a yearly basis, that matters ( Hot spells and cold spells, extremes of any kind, really do not indicate much of anything.

    France: Their economy has been ruined by the Bundesbank and German insistence on a tight money policy. The entire EU economy has been ruined–France is by no means an isolated incident. Of course, the entire EU project makes it extremely difficult for any country to have its own tax policy, its own economic policy, its own fiscal policy, its own monetary policy, etc. When it is so simple to step across the border into Luxembourg and establish residency there, why stay in France and pay higher taxes? The whole EU thing has been poorly thought out and implemented–you simply can not go half way and stop. A common currency requires a common monetary policy, which is what the EU is. But how can a country set an independent fiscal or tax policy when the monetary policy is dictated from outside? And if you do not have the governance structures to create and implement common fiscal, tax and spending policies, you will have the kind of economic chaos that is the current EU.

    FWIW, here is a learned and insightful opposing view to Piketty: (

  2. pm1956

    Regarding being “unbound”:

    Obama “unbound” is enjoying a popularity bump. People like him more when he is “unbound”.

    Think the same will happen to Dayton?

    I was just at a fundraiser for the Gov. He still does not look comfortable in a crowd. But he was fairly funny. Talked about his work with the new Lt. Gov., saying that she now had an easier job than before (when she was his chief of staff). He also noted that he can’t fire her now, and someone in the crowd asked if he was going to have to hire a food taster (got some pretty good laughs). After a moment, the Gov. asked if the questioner was looking for a job….ba dum-ch. Is that him unbound? I don’t know, but he certainly seems more human now than when he was a senator. In terms of the public’s ability to relate to him, he has no where to go but up.


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