Jots with dots 1/2/15

River Monsters: the St. Croix. I used to know the bait shop guy Josh, we played baseball in the same league. And I know guys that fish, though I am not one of them. Figure they caught this sturgeon somewhere between Bayport and the south side of the I-94 bridge at Hudson, by where I live off “Lake St. Croix”. I guess on reflection my roots in the valley here are about 4 generations deep, though some of those households escaped to live in St. Paul or the east side for a bit. In any event, the legend that is ‘monster sturgeons of the St. Croix” has been around a long time and is known by many. If it’s to be actually anchored in reality, as it very well might, it’s said that way back when the modern bridge at Hudson was built in the 50’s they had divers inspecting the concrete pilings they were laying under water. The divers saw ‘monster sturgeon’ passing by, and they were of theretofore unheard of size. This fish here is probably of the size they were seeing eh.

Scouting Mario Cuomo through the hindsight of statistics. Wikipedia says his career ended in his age 20 rookie ball season when he was hit in the head by a pitch. That’ll do it. He dominated in high school I’m sure. This was pre-draft, and he probably got signed for a couple hundred bucks. In his minor league season, he hit .244, and you may not get released over that in your first season, but he didn’t have any power. 1 hr in 250 at bats. That will get you released, then as now. Suggests his rookie ball season might have exposed him as a good athlete but not an elite one.

The pull quote is ostensibly “we need to get rid of H1B [tech] workers, there are Americans who can do that work.” I work with a lot of H1B people, at times it seems like they are half the IT workforce. Might be fair to say they do suppress domestic IT wages from what they would be, but actually I now have my doubts there are Americans who can do that work in the numbers needed, certainly not candidates of the type companies are accustomed to hiring… which isn’t saying all that much, the bar ain’t that high. In any event, it’s to say it’s not really a corporate conspiracy. Yeah these jobs pay say consistently $55 – $125k a year. If that money isn’t enough, then there’s something else going on with native born people not wanting to be STEM workers.


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