Jots with dots 12/31

The good life in Minnesota: I’ll always credit James J. Hill first. But seriously, to jog back to the discussion of the Dayton tax hike: he’s due credit for managing the state budget, and using tax increases to do so. He’s not due all that much credit for the extent to which the Minnesota economy thrives. That’s moreso tied to the regional / national economy, and we have a long history here of outperforming the national economy. But yeah, the Dayton income tax hikes didn’t make the business environment uncompetitive. I see some chatter these days we benefit quite a bit from our proximity to NoDak.

Webb Services: No work jobs for the family are not a good thing. But I do think the reason he’s not going to win is rather “not a handsome devil.” No pic there. Anyway, very high forehead. Looks a bit like Colin Firth, who’s English. Webb prides himself as a Scots / Irish. Those people are not known for their looks, really. Bad teeth and all that. A resemblance to Beavis also.

No kidding, like this is a bad thing:

In fairness to Gruber, I think the expectation was the death panels would be the cost controls. With the way things have gone, figure the death panels might be a non-starter, much as they wanted them.

The Mrs. and I can put away some booze, as much as two people who truly don’t have a drinking problem and are not in denial about it can. We’re working on whiskey now, but we do need to get back to beer so we can figure out when we’re tasting ‘hops’.

Menards vs. Home Depot: HD doesn’t carry drill bits in wire gauge sizes. Menards does. Now you know.


3 thoughts on “Jots with dots 12/31

  1. pm1956

    Your point about Dayton is correct: he deserves some credit, but basically what he did is to not screw things up. Generally, most state economies will follow the national economy. Where they don’t, sometimes it is because of a special anomaly of the local economy (shale oil in North Dakota), or a mistake by the Governor (Sam Brownback in Kansas is an example of a governor screwing up a local economy/state financial system).

    The Webb thing is illustrative of one of my biggest complaints about current politics. It is all about people making money. I happen to think that this is particularly the case on the GOP side of the aisle, but really they just got there first, and Democrats like Webb and Clinton are following up fast. Blagoevich in IL was a particularly egregious example of this. But Karl Rove and the consulting class and all the talking heads like Beck, Hannity. O’Reilly, Stephanopoulis, etc., have all helped to create a political/entertainment/governing money nexus where “politics” is as much about them lining their pockets as anything else. The old days of influence peddling behind closed doors with simple exchanges of cash in envelopes are gone forever. Now it is more about creating a personal brand and getting paid for appearances and ghostwriting books and producing made for TV/web videos, etc.

    People aren’t getting elected because they have better thought out policies, they are getting elected because they get more time on TV and News and Twitter–they are in a popularity contest just like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton. And they are getting paid in the same way–because of popularity/familiarity/name recognition. It is all about Memes and sound bites and repitition. Analysis has morphed into another way to repeat slogans on air.

    So much for critical thinking…..

    Excuse me as i become cynical about the state of our nation, heading into 2015. I am afraid i am becoming an old codger. i just wish those damn kids would get off of my lawn!

    (I am going to go and have a nice hoppy beer now, and wait for midnight)


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