Jots with dots 12/29

Reubens – had one at the Washington Square Bar and Grill in White Bear Lake last night. It was dry and tough.

Gritty St. Paul – I don’t recall the name of the parking ramp I park in. My stub says Cap City ramp. One of the intersections it’s on is on 4th and Minnesota. Right on the Skyway too, and this is great. It’s sort of ‘around the corner’ and ‘out of plain site’ as far as the Skyway maze goes though, and what I’ve been encountering is ‘grittier’ people, non-office workers say, smoking cigarettes off the 3rd floor Skyway entry to this ramp. Then last Friday, there was a dice game going on when I walked through at about 3. Replete with a bunch of money laying in a pile on the ground. Very ‘street’ eh, I remember seeing stuff like this on The Wire. Now, I’m real mindful how unappealing it is to be the embodiment of a caricature of a middle age white guy… but that’s too much urban ambience for me, and I think I have a reasonable basis to say so. Its only amusing till someone gets shot, and we want to stop before we get to that point eh.

Speaking of The Wire, conservative outrage dujour: Rush is wrong, with reboots and character driven story telling I’m pretty sure James Bond could be black. I think Elba is right though, he’s not handsome enough to be Bond Daniel Craig is a handsome devil, way more handsome than Elba. Now we may understand why say women say Elba is handsome, because he’s a great actor and credible leading man, but the objective truth is he’s merely a good looking fellow.

I think it was, for a lot of reasons We hear a lot from the police union guys these days. I’m thinking of Delmonico and the NY guy in particular. But I am struck by a thought here that, it sure seems the public faces of these unions are guys who are not all that well versed in the art of public relations. IE, being moderate in tone, saying what you have to say, and not elaborating in such a way that leaves ambiguous questions that confuse the public and stokes the fire. It’s just to say, they could use some mindful pros in these spots rather than beat cops who ascended to those positions. I think they could afford them, as far as it goes.


One thought on “Jots with dots 12/29

  1. pm1956

    Regarding police unions: I think your point is correct–there is definitely a certain amount of tone deafness here. That said, i think that the problem is that these police spokesmen are playing to 2 different audiences–their membership, and the general public. I think that what they are saying plays well to their membership–which illustrates the problem (that they are out of touch with the general public). If they have their president (elected by the other cops) saying the kind of things that would play well to the general public, they probably wouldn’t get re-elected. So i think you are right–a professional spokesman to play to the public, and a hard nosed president to play to the membership. Problem is that it is hard to shut a president up…..

    Regarding Rush and James Bond…reminds me of the faux controversy on Fox about Santa Claus–whether Santa could be black or not. These kinds of things have been around for a long time. Problem is that there are several kinds of conservatism, and one of them is basically defined by their knee jerk reaction to any form of change whatsoever–especially cultural change. Blacks, gays, women, catholics and jews have all been the focus of their ire at one point or another. Of course, this is at least partially a generational thing. It is fun to see Bill O’Reilly get all huffy about this kind of cultural change, given his extremely catholic/irish background. My great-grandparents never would have let him (or Sean Hannity) in the front door…


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