Jots with dots 12/26

Brooklyn Shooting gun It’s a Taurus P92, which is a licensed clone copy of the Beretta 92. Licensed copies are a thing in the gun world, you often don’t have to pay big money for the original. Berretta 92 became the US service pistol in 1985, having replaced the Colt 1911. It remains that, though there are murmurs it will be replaced. Beretta 92 is more famous as the sidearm of Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. As for Taurus’… You get into a lot of Chevy / Ford arguments in gun world, and some people argue hotly that Taurus’ are cheap knockoff crap. They aren’t really, and this one here is a formidable piece. Something like the P92 might not be slim and nimble enough for today’s tastes actually. Anywho… paragraph 3 of the times article. Times quotes cops as describing the second buyer as ‘Asian’. What is the purpose of this as an adjective here? Is this where we’re to implicitly understand the gun becomes skeezy and black market, ya know, cuz its in the hands of a crime-nority… I’m sure the cops wouldn’t acknowledge that as the context, but if not it seems to be a superfluous / extravagant / irrelevant detail. Not sure why an editor with their eye on the stylebook didn’t take that out.

I agree, single payer is not on the horizon For a few years, Rush has been playing a clip of then Sen. Obama saying to a union that single-payer is probably 15 years down the line after health care is first reformed. This is supposed to be a revealing clip, and maybe it is, for that was what they would have liked and expected after PPACA. But it won’t come to pass. And if PPACA achieves modest gains, as it has the appearance of doing, Democrats ought to be thankful it worked out as well as it did.

Brush with fame: Downtown is deserted, but I just passed Joe Soucheray in the skyway near the… Pioneer Press building….as one might expect. He had kids and grandkids with him, so I didn’t go ‘Hey, you’re…!” Looks a bit like Bruce Dern these days, maybe someone else.

There’s this thing where obnoxious atheists like to hone in on the creationist beliefs of the godbotters and go, boy those godbotters are stupid, gehuck, gehuck. Ya know, this is so punching below your weight that I think no one should be impressed. The faith / science divide is so wide, there just ain’t any meaningful argumentation that’s actually ‘won’. This speaks to that, obliquely. I do believe in a benevolent supernatural, basically old, wise, and with white hair and robes. And I believe in evolution also. I encounter far fewer creationists among believers than these fight spoiling atheists do.


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