Jots with dots 12/24

97% John Holdren is a scientist, and “global warming is saving us from an ice age”, is highly theoretical at best. Really, if there’s not any academic underpinnings for that (and I doubt there is in all the research that makes up the 97%…) then what it is be stream of consciousness baloney. Yet all us non-scientists with our mediocre 90 – 120 IQs are to understand we’re just too deficient to critique guys like Holdren.

97% Klein’s writer there initially gave in to kind of a junk science whimsy, where he thought he could base a statement of certitude on 1 isolated fact (tides…) Yeah, the left has a great understanding of science…

Hot Air is the TPM of the right eh.

Dunno Insofar as its been a slow process, I do think it would be fair and also persuasive for the President to claim he wanted to build a ‘sustainable’ economy. But he’s never circled back to that idea to claim victory, I dare say it’s because the quality of the economy has never really been at the top of his mind. They were more worried about equity and redistribution, and they don’t really want people consuming more. They don’t approve of the proles going to Walmart to buy flat screens or building McMansions in the suburbs.

I believe we can properly understand that the budget reached equilibrium through gridlock and time. Harry Reid’s irregular order continuing resolutions didn’t provide spending increases over the baselines built into the stimulus. Economy was bound to grow and provide better tax revenues. And as there has been some stability, that happened. Also, very cheap gas. I can’t think of an economy goosing idea the Obama-ites implemented. Dodd-Frank is not something that juices the economy. Figure, the natural state of the American mercantile is ‘vigor’, and it returned to that mostly on its own. People want to sell stuff so they can buy stuff, and if they can, they will.


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