Jots with dots 12/23

That’s what I said. Conor uses the word petulant, page 2 of article. Conor’s link to Reason, which is also good. Coates article yesterday is fantastic, I agree with it. I said a few weeks ago, the judicial system is host to the most malevolent vestiges of institutional racism. I think that’s Coates position.

We need a Godwin rule for “Blood on their hands” as an idiom, by the way. It’s being said so much that it’s losing its power. Which is to say, it’s being used profligately. People are saying people have blood on their hands without being able to cite any provocative quotes by said people. Bill DeBlasio does not figuratively have blood on his hands, he’s not been provocative in tone. Nor the President, nor Eric Holder, nor Al Sharpton. I am persuaded by the idea of Sharpton as buffoon by the way, but I’m also getting tired of conservatives citing him as boogie man. I just don’t see him having meaningful stature. He does have a tax problem that is worth conversation. It ought to be disqualifying, but, media bias.

Milwaukee cop won’t be charged for shooting homeless, mentally ill man he incited a fight with. Justifiable self defense when as police officer you roust a man who doesn’t know what’s going on and provoke his fight or flight instinct, end up having to shoot and kill him. Cop did get fired. We’ll see if that sticks. I made this point obliquely re Brown. From a judicial / legal theory standpoint I’m not sure the cop should get the presumption that he’s making a legitimate arrest, is in proper use of arrest powers, when they provoke someone’s fight or flight instinct. It’s basically an assault, and the victim ought to have reasonable rights to defend themselves.

“The City Attorney is now building criminal cases against the protest organizers. She said she’ll try to get restitution for money lost by the mall, the city and police agencies that came from as far away as Hastings and Red Wing.”

Like I said, you can’t cross the shopowners. Which is why you got to take it to the shopowners, this is where the rubber meets the road. Totally white privilege grandstanding by this DA. Knee jerk instinct is this idea of restitution is dubious. More from DA, same story. “This was a powder keg just waiting for a match,” said Johnson. Oh? I’d like that loaded assumption explained.


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