Jots with dots 12/23, the deuce

Ya know what that DA is doing? She’s protecting Bloomington from… agitators. She didn’t say that, but that’s what it feels like she is saying. This has a very retrograde vibe. If there’s another protest, maybe they can break out some fire hoses and German shepherds.

Reporter quotes Gun Digest. They’d be better off calling me / writing me

No crime scene photo of the gun—a weapon that, according to Gun Digest, has not been manufactured in the United States since 1986—was ever released.”

I have some doubts they ever made the Rohm 38 pattern revolver in the US. Which means actually, that this drop gun… er “crime scene gun” probably dates to 1968 or earlier.

The other backstory: This scenario screams “drop gun”. The Rohm is, with certitude, the worst handgun ever offered to the public. Classic Saturday Night Special from back in the day, not worth anything now. They trade hands as curiosities for less than $50. To the extent you can find one, there should be a real question whether those that remain actually function. They always broke in the course of firing one box of ammo. So this idea the kid had one should come with some dubiousness. The flip side is, the bad cop uses it as a drop gun because it’s cheap. IE, you’re not throwing away a $750 weapon. This is so transparent.

Quarterly growth of 5% No doubt because the sequester ended har har. Or maybe its all the cheap oil…. which means it’s not actually a triumph for the administration. I feel it though… the labor market I am in is kinda tight.


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