Jots with dots 12/22

Thin Blue line – I get it, if you’re a cop, you take it personally when another gets killed in the manner they did in NY. But it would be nice for a greater wisdom to prevail, and the truth be understood. This dude was not motivated or encouraged by DeBlasio’s coddling or endorsement. Ya know, it’s just a thing, a reaction. There’s some persistent ire out there. And it is in fact a reaction to Brown / Garner, and not the ‘I Can’t Breathe’ movement. That’s its etymology; the common, preceding point in the history is Brown / Garner. The movement and the Brooklyn shooting both come from that.

I read a twitter exchange between Jamelle Bouie and Jonathon Chait. About the POs turning their back on DeBlasio. The comment was essentially, these guys aren’t acting like they are under civilian control. And that’s absolutely right. It needs to be remembered as well that what they chafe at, in NY, Minneapolis, MO, Cleveland, and everywhere else, is this notion that’s brought up that maybe they are too heavy with the baton, etc, and that the citizenry might want to review and contemplate that so they’d maybe not be so heavy with the baton. They are acting unreasonably to a reasonable judgment. And the consistency of the petulance is quite breathtaking I’d say.

Drum banging As I alluded before, I’m not impressed with this ‘fanning the flames’ observation the police make of DeBlasio or the ‘I Can’t Breathe’ movement. I have my doubts the movement is hearing someone like DeBlasio much at all. Maybe the ‘I Can’t Breathe’ movement is a little vulgar at times, like the anti-globalization lefties and the Occutards, but I doubt this Brooklyn shooter had his ear that close to the movement. Moreso, he had his ear to social media. In any event, re Drum’s point…. There’s a far more persuasive ‘fanning the flames / irresponsible rhetoric’ observation to be made here than there was with Sarah Palin’s fundraising letter with the scope cross hairs.

I don’t think it’s a terrible or misplaced thing that the protesters go to and disrupt venues like the Mall of America. I think we’re having a Marxist argument here. Not about redistribution, but certainly about wealth and who the police work for. Which are the bourgeois, the petite bourgeois, and the prospering salariat / professional class. Brown, Garner… these incidents start as beefs with shop owners. Might seem obvious, but still. I thought there was a Marxist word to describe the police class in their employ to the bourgeois, but it escapes me.

Obama unleashed. This is a consistent theme the last couple weeks. To the extent it’s true, and I’ll say it is a little, the observation no one makes is this is supposed to be a man who was to take up the presidency and not be ‘politics as usual’, ya know, not be completely artificial so that his true views and motives don’t lose Democrats elections, not be artificially centrist, not lie a bit / a lot / often to move the ball down field for liberalism. I do think he comes off better when he acts naturally.


4 thoughts on “Jots with dots 12/22

  1. pm1956

    Thin Blue Line: I agree with you. Two other points I’d make in this regard–Cops are reacting like this because it is a change from the post 9/11 paradigm of cops as heroes. Reality is cops are humans, which means that sometimes they act heroically, sometimes they act like assholes. Oh, and the pendulum of public opinion is cyclical. No one should ever depend on public acclaim for their sense of self worth. As some politician once said about Washington DC., “If you want a friend in this town, get a dog.” Second point is that this reaction of the cops is similar in many ways to the reaction of the CIA/Cheney to the Torture Report. In both cases i think the main point is the civilian control issue.


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