Jots with dots 12/19

Toy guns

Should there be such fine replicas? Maybe not, I’ll allow. They confuse lay people too easily. But I’m not persuaded that cops are confused by an ambiguity here. They see a lot of guns. To the extent the cop in Cleveland who shot Tamir could claim he was confused… he shouldn’t have been, provided he took a couple seconds to evaluate the situation.

CSI Hudson Behind Buffalo Wild Wings. We shop in this strip mall often. That’s pretty old school, essentially puting kitties in a sack and leaving them.

CSI Stillwater:

These dudes who get invoice remittances of several hundred thousand dollars, like when you bill for Medicaid covered services, invariably get into trouble with Veblen goods. Ya know, they think hey, I can get the $57k Escalade now. Yeah I got bills due and operating expenses, but I’ll pay them out of the next several hundred thousand dollar invoice payment. Chasing it, as Tony Soprano would say.

Ya know, my own peeps ran a white collar professional services business, and they would get approached with kickback schemes. Remember when Tony Soprano muscled / cajoled the appraiser? It was like that, except to say in the Midwest with its lack of guido types, it was more subtle. But after the housing boom not a small number of appraisers were prosecuted. My own peeps are law abiding, yes, but I think just too stoic to do the whole transactional thing where you work and then buy Veblen goods with skeezy money.

So with the mayor and the two dudes. Not that there was a long game with this gambit, it wouldn’t have lasted. But it would have lasted longer if they hadn’t missed paychecks to people. People got to get paid.

I missed it, didn’t watch a single episode over 9 years –


One thought on “Jots with dots 12/19

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, what happened to the good old days when the criminals had middle class values?
    but ponder a “what if…?” What if crimes were normalized? This is what is happening with marijuana. To an extent, it is what we saw in the housing crisis, when lots of people started to inflate values and flip homes. It is certainly what happens with black markets all over the world. It is kind of what Tony Soprano and criminal organizations do–they turn crime into a business, and organize it. our police get a lot of help from stupid, flamboyant criminals who provide them with easy clues (multiple houses, boats and cars on a bookkeepers salary).

    As for Colbert, he was great.


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