Jots with dots 12/18

Cuba – I’m reading the tough love for Cuba conservatives who are outraged. Ya know, I guess there’s an argument to be observed that you have to make the Castros’ submit to demonstrate that their barbarity can not be rewarded. But…

· Our moral high ground is not so apparent, like on the prison stuff.

· It would be one thing if we were caving in after a 3-4 years. Such that the world’s bad actors get the message that we’ll cave eventually, none of them are going to wait us out 54 years like this. It’s an aberration.

· Figure, the greater wisdom here favors moving things along, not recalcitrance. If you still want to depose the Castro’s, the change that comes with normalization will probably be upending.

Note this tangential note… Fidel Castro was a good pitcher, he had tryouts with the NY Giants and / or Senators in the early 50’s. Had a big 12-6 curveball of the type that is out of fashion today except for current Cy Younger Corey Kluber. There’s an alternate history that is evoked that says ‘hey, what if either of those teams had signed Castro? There’d be no Cuban revolution!’. Yeah, I suppose. Thing is, Fidel didn’t have a pro fastball, was probably short of 85 mph. Righthanders who throw 85 don’t get signed, ever, so it’s not really an alternate history.

Note this other tangential note…Reusse had Julio Becquer on his show yesterday evening. He’s a Cuban, and a first year Twin from 1961, and a Twin Cities resident. I didn’t recall him, he was a utility infielder and I am not old enough to remember the fringe guys that predate me. He spoke so fluidly I was moved to wonder how young he could be. He is 82, which is older than I would have guessed.

Reubenesque – I love reubens, have since I was a boy. There was a point some years ago where I was prepared to be worldly and appreciate the sublime authenticity of a place like Cecil’s. But I went there, and didn’t find their Reuben better than typical Midwestern mom and pop’s. Good, and I’d have another. But not much different.

Norks – To me, the irony is going to be the quality of this movie vs. the commotion it will have caused. I mean c’mon…. it’s a Seth Rogen nothing burger.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots 12/18

  1. pm1956

    So here is a tip on Cuba–Havana Club Rum. This is great stuff. I’ve had it in Mexico, and have a bottle here at home. Can’t wait to be able to purchase it regularly. Wonderful for sipping.

    Will be interesting to see how Cuba opens up in baseball. One way or another, more Cuban players will be in the big leagues, and going home with tales to tell about life in the US. What will the Cubans demand as a quid pro quo to let them out? a major league team in Havana? a bunch of minor league teams? who will be the owners? what will be the pay structure?

    Bottom line: there will have to be huge adjustments to the Cuban economy and government structure for any of this to happen. Will it be more like China or Russia or Viet Nam or Poland or East Germany? Raul Castro has made a deal with the devil, and the griping from the hard liner exiles (Rubio, Cruz, etc.) is simply foolish and shortsighted. I assume that they are smart enough to know this, and are simply (and cynically) playing for votes in the 2016 Florida Primary and General Election. This was a smart and bold move by Obama.

  2. pm1956

    I thought that this was a good point made by Chait wrt North Korea:

    FWIW, I like Seth Rogen. Have ever since 40 Year old Virgin (just rewatched recently–still good but surprisingly dated). I also like Pineapple Express, and This is the End. Pretty soon, he is going to be too old to convincingly do stoner buddy movies, so he will need to figure out a new schtick soon.


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