I’d respond in the comment thread to further this conversation, but the firewall I am behind does not allow me to.

The hardliners here, mostly your usual gang of conservative critics, are a bit apoplectic, again, saying that the President was weak willed and got nothing, especially with Cuba fragile as is. Lifeline to the Castro’s, blah blah.

I dunno… it all seems so hyperbolic and unpersuasive. Other thing is, you don’t need to trounce your foe all the time and make them bend to your will. Especially when there’s a good chance they just won’t, like Fidel and Raul. You make a deal so you can make the next deal, and change the dimensions of the Overton window re a future outcome. A future outcome that will favor liberalization of Cuba.

I don’t see that the US’ prestige has been diminished, and I question the wisdom of that being a superseding priority over something like normalizing relations, which are going to do a great deal to subvert the Castro’s.


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