Jots with dots 12/16

Not a Norskie, and not a handsome devil: George Tsunis.

Ya know, I get it. Democrats aren’t hypocrites, because there’s no moral equivalence about them being money whores when their end game is dystopian egalitarianism. But ya figure they’d be less ham fisted than this. I mean, it takes a lot to get Amy Klobuchar to actually do something.

Umbrage: Along with the other things I think about this stuff in general, I also think these police in St. Louis got a lot of Chutzpah, a lot of crust, getting all sensitive about what people say about them. Tone deaf is understatement.

This cultural law and order jingoism is so strong I guess that they think they should never be examined.

This is a good idea for young twenty somethings, but not dudes who want to change careers

I’m a test engineer. I don’t code, but I think I’d like to, I think it would suit me better. Two things: I don’t want pay $12000 to learn a lot of stuff that will be intuitive to me, and I need to skip the part where you take an entry level programming job and work your way up from $40k to $95k. I could work off that experience / seniority gap quicker than others, I imagine. But a year or two would be too long. So it’s a conundrum.

Note to self: Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails are hot.

Like I tell my boys, Russia is a hell hole: feeding my confirmation bias

If there’s economic chaos, as there seems to be coming for them, I don’t think Putin lasts. That’s my prediction.

Computing: In the hospital, I was kind of a medicated mess, albeit with the concentrated and plausible fear that I was going to lose most of right leg and spend 6 months in Region’s burn unit while my skin grafts took. I was worried about that. Other thing I was worried about was coming out of it with a $25k hospital bill that I couldn’t work off, cuz I was in the burn unit. Till I figured out that if I was unable to pay it, I just wouldn’t worry about it. Then I found some mental peace.

I did have my laptop in the hospital, and at the time was trying to find credible anecdotes about what a hospitalization for a staph infection cost. Thing is, you have a question you want the internet to answer and you invariably get directed to these eHow or boards, which just don’t speak with authority.

So, here’s the answer to “what does staph infection treatment in a hospital cost”.

The statement of benefits for me itemizes charges of $38k and change for 7 days. I have BC MN 80/20 insurance more or less, and my out of pocket is a little over $3k. Which I can live with.

Parking ramp scam? I was hustling downtown, trying to get in the ramp before 9am, when commuter pricing turns off. My phone said 8:52 when the ramp ticket machine said 8:59. Hmmm.


3 thoughts on “Jots with dots 12/16

  1. pm1956

    Been thinking about this oil price thing, and have a few thoughts to put out there:
    1. If the goal is a warning to Russia, mission accomplished, time to turn off the OPEC spigots and raise the price back up.
    2. If the goal is to topple Putin, maybe another 6 months to a year of $50/$60/barrel
    3. If the goal is to cripple US/Canadian Shale oil production, might need to get to $40/50/barrel, and keep it there for a year.

    Of course, I am assuming that this is someone’s conscious policy, and that there is a “goal” and some form of control/manipulation. It could just be opportunistic manipulation, and the market conditions that enable it are temporary.

    In any event, i am not shedding any tears for Putin. Oh, and I think that we need to keep in mind that the biggest winner here is China. At the moment, the US is ok, but the low price does hurt US oil production, at the same time that it helps large sectors of the US economy. Its just that oil production is generally a small part of our economy (although it has grown a lot in the last 5 years).


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