Jots with dots 12/11

Zingy newsdive: non-profs. So what is TIES? The reporter pulled their blurb, ‘technology… joint powers board established in 1967’, from their website, but this is not descriptive. It’s IT infrastructure for member districts to use so that they don’t have to build their own. It’s an IT co-op. It may be quasi-governmental, but obviously the ‘quasi’ part is what ended up making it someone’s little fiefdom.

I do see that ‘FeePay’ is theirs. I was paying into ‘Paypams’ last year for school lunches but pay into ‘FeePay’ now. Brings up this whole question of why you need a quasi governmental agency to handle something the private sector was providing. It’s cheaper to someone, is the ostensible answer, but of course then TIES hits up the local districts for another $600k annually to pay the bond interest for their multi-million dollar overruns on infrastructure upgrades. I’m not actually impressed with the gripe that the gal got a free hall rental. Small beans. But if there are gross irregularities, that’s how they were papered over, with the absent change orders and the new bond money to fund the remodeling project.

There is that. In my mindseye, I see TIES as this fairly non-descript building on Larpenteur and Snelling, and it has a buncha mainframes in it. Why they are renting a hall for events, I have no idea. It’s outside your mission, people.

The Strib beat reporter gets a little suggestive when she notes the Exec Director lives on Summit Hill. Meh. EDs salary is not in the SPPPD public salaries database, but she’s more or less the CEO of a small but robust IT vendor. Figure this salary can rationally be, I dunno, 200K. Maybe a little more, the true private sector would pay somewhat more but I doubt her board gets crazy with this. Anyway living on Summit Hill is not out of range for someone with that kind of job.

Football : Re Nelson / Kolstad and that other derelict, this video strikes me somewhat as exculpatory for Nelson and incriminating for the derelict interloper. Youth and beer though.


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