Jots with dots 12/10

Ta-Nehisi Coates is not going to forget that TNR published excerpts of the Bell Curve. The Bell Curve is apparently both trolling exercise and dog whistle. Trolling dog whistle eh. I mean, every time I see Murray having to explain this, he expressly disclaims an iq/g correlation to genetics. Which is different from being ‘heritable’. This nuance is to be understandable and not pernicious, and I have no difficulty grasping this point, but the left does not see it that way.

I’m trying to recall what happened to TNR’s Gregg Easterbook without going to Wikipedia. I liked his football column at Slate years ago.

I agree, at least that good stuff is very cool It’s counterintuitive though, since a lot of us are taught to not be materialists. But….good stuff, even that mass produced, represents craftsmanship, value, and enterprise. I have a real problem with Veblen, I think Veblen is crap. Now on the other hand, it bums me out what I spend on consumables at Target.

Outrage du jour. Dude ‘owned’ the law prof.

Chait stains: A Chait column free of snark and accusations of racism

To be fair, it’s not as if all details, lies, and contradictions weren’t discussed by Republicans at the time. A lot of germane points were, perhaps even most of the important points we keep revisiting today.–2 So it’s not the Republicans who are to be properly singled out as ‘stupid’ among the American people. It’s moderates and Democrats who might have though the bill would be something other than what it is. But the law was rammed through undemocratically, if not literally then in violation of norms.


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