Jots with dots 12/10 – the deuce

K, I went to Wikipedia to figure out what happened to Gregg Easterbrook.    Turns out he’s hiding in plain sight, here and there.  But from Easterbrook, I link hopped to Paul Ehrlich, then to Cornucopian economics, which I hadn’t been aware of.  But it’s intuitive as a phrase, and I embrace that I am a boomster and not a doomster.

Torture :  Yep, pretty bad.  I didn’t know that: Rectal Feeding.  Uh, it sounds sketchy, I don’t believe that will work.  I’ll stand on being against torture in general, certainly for interrogation.  If they were to catch Jihad John the ISIS beheader though, whatever you might do to him is not torture.  It’s punishment, and anything is fair game.

I’m sure this amused some people, but really, Walker probably didn’t write the letter himself and it’s probably a spellcheck thing.  Anyway, largely comparable to ’57 states’ ‘corpseman’.  Or this.

War on womyns:  Over at Joey and the Dooosh™,  Lambo is of a mind that the ‘Jackie’ ‘rape’ story is probably typical of a kind of ex-post facto revision gals might make when they come to some hindsight regret over a flamboyant sexual escapade and worry that they’ll be embarrassed by the details.

“My guess … guess … is that the victim, Jackie (apparently her real name), engaged in some kind of abusive sexual experience with someone(s) and fell into a depression over it. The way this thing is trending as of today suggests she very likely confabulated her experience/ordeal into something far more violent, with herself as an unequivocal victim.”

IE, ‘she was totally into it at the time’.  That’s a pretty retrograde blame-the-victim stereotype / stereotrope for Lambo to acknowledge, this from a guy who’s been pretty sure only Republicans can be unenlightened in that way what with their anti-feminist worldviews.  Really though, it’s an extraordinarily non-PC possibility, and the type that Erderly and the victim advocates are trying to shield from the discussion.  That’s what the non-fact check is about in trying to maintain a perfect, unambiguous narrative that furthers the political fights on campus.


One thought on “Jots with dots 12/10 – the deuce

  1. pm1956

    Re: Lambo. at least he labelled it a guess. I mean, i wouldn’t have said that, even if I thought it. He could be right (it is within the realm of possibility), but it certainly isn’t at all PC to say that. As he said at the start, “There’s a maxim I like that says, “The art of good conversation is in knowing what not to say.””

    I have no feeling for the readership of Politics on Wry, so it will be interesting to see the reaction


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