Jots with dots, 12/9/14

Legends of the Fall bear killing re-enactor makes USA Today: There’s some fixation on the puny-ness of the knife. A five inch blade is not small, but I guess there’s a real question whether it’s enough to penetrate the sub-cutaneous fat of a big bear. It was in the case, along with the prior arrow wound, enough to kill the bear before the bear killed the dude.

Thin blue line: Old white hunter gets jobbed by the cops for sake of reality TV. See, it’s not entirely a racial problem with the coppers. Really though, the old geezer should be grateful that he wasn’t beaten, tased, or shot with the whole thing written off as justifiable. Geez. 21 minutes is not a failure to tag immediately. You often spend 21 minutes catching your breath after you shoot a deer. Now yeah, technically, he might have been in violation. But this is a ham sandwich nation type example, and a process abuse. It wouldn’t have convinced a jury, which is why the county prosecutor wouldn’t take it. And if you’re an LEO, this is also where you use your discretion to not tag a guy. That is, if you don’t have a reality show cameraman with you.

I’m not seeing the utility either. Here’s the thing I don’t understand… doesn’t seem to me that failure of the grandy jury to bill means the case is over. This doesn’t introduce double jeopardy, does it? You’d figure the county attorney or state attorney general could still indict and would feel the proper duty / pressure to do so.

I agree

Jerry Kill: Good coach. Jim Souhan: bad sports columnist. Aaron Gleeman’s nickname for Souhan is “Shecky” I agree.


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