Jots with dots 12/4

Re Giuliani, he says there’s no racism He’s being obtuse, or is obtuse. I’m no doubt working on a reputation for racial tolerance and empathy that I may not actually deserve. But I think it was racist. Structural racism. It’s not necessary for these coppers to be mouthing epithets during the arrest for it to be racist. As they say, if all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. With black suspects, the hammer is arrest power, and it is embraced to the exclusion of everything else certainly as compared to whites. I think it’s an inarguable truism that if this was a white dude there’s a great chance he would have gotten treated better.

I don’t like these guys, I don’t like reading John Yoo and Andy McCarthy on National Review Online, I don’t like Powerline when they reflexively defend prosecutorial power.

TPM: right channels anger at the nanny state Well it doesn’t have to be representative of just one thing. Government is just the things we do together though. Is TPM OK that it includes killing dudes for selling loosies on the street if it’s not racist? Where’s my wants more government JPG.

The President: starting to get PO’d, although this ‘lack of trust’ construction that alludes superficially to it being a two way street is a little too polite for my tastes. Still, I don’t think anyone doesn’t get that he’s calling out the police. John Delmonico is probably scouring his FB page right now and trying to get Jay Kolls on the phone.

This can remain THE TOPIC for some time, as its systemic and we get a similar event in a decent size city about once a week. This can be the theme that re-inflates the Occupy bubble for lefties. I don’t think that’s actually good for Democrats, as it puts them in the position of having to reform the urban judicial apparatus, which they have no appearance of wanting to do. When they don’t do it, the Occupiers won’t vote for them and their absence will be felt in national elections.

We got some people here with safe seats and the background to take this on. Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum, and the big one, Amy Klobuchar. If Amy Klobuchar can’t be a leader here, it really demonstrates her mediocrity.

There’s a rally this weekend, I think by OccupyMN. I mentioned going to my wife. Kinda theoretically, just cuz ya wonder if you should be more than all talk. She don’t like the idea, even though she’s a Democrat. I’ve only been to one political rally, and it was a VVAW thing at the capitol in 1971. It caused a minor scandal in my family, though they were all Humphreyites. I don’t remember it. I’m told I rode around on my dad’s shoulders.

Torii Hunter. I never had a sense he was a great guy. Whatevs. The stat geeks are saying his defense is awful these days. This despite what I see, that he looks physically as good as any 40 yr old ballplayer I’ve seen. It’s the legs that go though. He must not be able to lay out for a catch anymore. And that will be absurd when rather than laying out, he pulls back to let it drop, then picks it up and throws it into the infield. He’s had a nice career. There was (I thought) a real chance he wouldn’t make it past 25 in the majors. There’s a style of righthanded pattern pitching…. teaser fastballs inside, then slider low and away… in his first few years I used to see him strike out against shitty righthanders that did that all the time. He corrected that, while he was in the majors, which is an evolution that doesn’t always happen.


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