Jots with Dots – 12/2/14

I don’t get the paper, so I look at this watery scan on the internet, and it looks vaguely like a teenage boy dressed in sports drag, rather than a dispirited girl who got cut from the team. Oh, the ship-storm it would have been if it was actually the way my eyes perceived it. Ya know, I like things codified so that peoples’ protections are guaranteed, and I am inclined to have some sympathy for the sensibilities of those who would argue that the girls bathroom / locker room is a sanctuary for the modesty of those born women. But here’s the thing. We may go several hundred years before a teenage transgender girl actually wants to compete for a spot on the girls softball / hockey / basketball team and is then good enough at their sport to actually make the roster. The potential for it to happen is obviated by various mutual exclusivities. I just don’t see it that a kid who has matriculated to a spot on a boy’s high school team is burdened by a gender ambiguity that would give him impetus to make the very controversial move of crossing over to a girls’ team. Unscientific certitude from me, but I just don’t see it happening, if not merely for the social hurdles faced by such a person. Other thing, often times teenage boys’ / mens’ physical abilities might be, I dunno, say 2 or 3 or 4 times that of women. Still, womens’ athleticism ain’t nothing, and if you aren’t an athlete yourself and haven’t tried to master whatever sport it is, you can’t compete with them and won’t make their team, singularly as a matter of aptitude. Send a reasonably agile but inexperienced 17 year old boy into a high school girls’ fastpitch softball game, and he will not put the bat on the ball. Doesn’t mean we can’t and won’t argue about it, and, I dunno, doesn’t mean rules shouldn’t get established…. but this is a trolling exercise by the fundies.

Obamacare is “working”. People putting off care in $30k to $75k bracket jumps from 33% to 38% over last year. People putting off care with private insurance jumps from 25% to 34% in the last year. We’re ostensibly talking about the disincentive to seek care caused by the price increases faced by people who have employer insurance. Not an overt premium spike, but it’s things like doubling and tripling of deductibles and other out of pockets. See, I don’t think the middle class would have gone for this had it been related truthfully, and that would have been a perfectly rationale, legitimate position to take.

The voices of enlightenment are losing the discussion on Ferguson. Exhibit A, I think, is Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. Now I know he’s supposed to be a contrarian voice there, but there’s no pushback.


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