Jots with Dots – Black Friday

This is the first time I’ve had to work on Black Friday in about 15 years. Ya know I’m in the staff augmentation business, a contract software engineer. So I am at a different company each year day after Thanksgiving. I can’t recall one I’ve been at in recent history where they didn’t close the office down. This one… is different.

Was saying to the wife last night I thought Black Friday was losing a little of its commercial vigor. She agreed Then about 6:15 pm we passed by Walmart on the way home on I- 94 in Woodbury. The parking lot was a zoo, cuz they start their doorbusters at 6pm Thanksgiving. I’m not an anti-Walmart snob, and I am not in snobbery of its shoppers, but it was not a flattering scene even viewing it from the freeway.

Menard’s parking lot was crazy town this morning, but I think I got in and out in 20 minutes. Pretty well organized. As I say, I wanted the sofa guard for the dog for $7.99. Its either that, or the dogs got to get some tough love… and I’ll fail at that.

Watching: a documentary mini-series called ‘Monarchy’ which is about the English monarchy. Starts way back. I had a very ambiguous understanding of the Anglos, Saxons, and Jutes coming over there and taking Britain over. Now, I don’t.

Not a handsome devil (which may be a new tag / feature for the blog, where I criticize the appearance of men in the news. I can do that, as a hetero I’m pretty attuned to what’s handsome in a man). Darren Wilson. He has kind of a rodent face.

I think the witness conflicts can sort of be rectified to where you get an Occam’s razor / likely scenario. And it is a scenario that gives Wilson his minimum legal justification, ya know, once he had made a mess of the initial arrest and caused a bunch of chaos. Thing is, I think shouting at the two men and then hitting the brakes on the SUV, and reversing to the curb to cut these guys off guys was a frightening escalation, far from a professional attempt at an arrest, and an action that set the course for the encounter. These guys were no angels, I know, but it’s not a proper expectation that they are not going to react to the impending possibility they’re going to get their skulls cracked. I am not a post-modernist who analyzes through fanciful dialectics. I do think it’s within the realm of reality to perceive the encounter as starting with not an attempt at arrest, but an assault by Wilson. He gets the door closed on him because he looks like he is going to charge out and use physical force. He’s stuck / prevented from leaving the car, and grab’s Brown’s collar. Brown responds by punching him in the face. In street terms, Brown was responding to the threat of someone ‘jumping him’.


2 thoughts on “Jots with Dots – Black Friday

  1. pm1956

    One other important aspect of the Ferguson issue (and i think that this fits in well with your comments): Neither Wilson nor the Ferguson Police Department appear to be very professional.

    This is a small town cop shop, with not very professional standards. they are sloppy, and their sloppyness and lack of professionalism probably carry over into a general lack of respect for the people who they are supposed to “protect and serve”. It is that distance between the police and the Mike Brown’s of this world that lead to lots of shooting incidents by the police.

    This is what gets me about buffoons like Giuliani and his ilk–a truly professional police force is one that consistently uses the minimum force necessary to maintain public order. You accomplish that by working with the community, you do not impose order on the community.


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