A little late to the party


You’re going to stop deferring now?


4 thoughts on “A little late to the party

  1. pm1956

    This is an interesting and complicated point. Complicated because it does not fit easily into the left/right paradigm. On the conservative side, there are plenty of conservative law and order types who seem to actively seek a hyper-militarized, police centric world (Rudy Guiliani, John McCain), while also espousing smaller government. They hate government spending, excpet for the military and the police. Order (the existing order, which means mostly the protection of the rich and their property) must be maintained at all costs–order both domestically and internationally. The exceptions tend to be the libertarians, who are, frankly, a minority among conservatives.

    Gun lovers are an interesting group–lots of military backgrounds there, so plenty of sympathy for the military. At the same time, there is clear hatred for BATF, etc.

  2. pm1956

    Here is a South African comment on Ferguson:


    basically focuses not on race (which is irrelevant–Police and ruling party in SA are black, while victims are also black) but on the role of Police in preserving existing power structure (which while inherited from Apartheid SA has been coopted by the ANC, the ruling party which gets lots of graft and benefits from nepotism). They see Obama as window dressing, putting a black face on the same old same old. Ferguson is proof that nothing has really changed….


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