Jots with dots 11/24

It’s no fun being an illegal alien. I experienced some contemplation that was enormously sympathetic to the migrants, and thus, made me say appreciate the President’s logic and mission.

Still, what I’ve argued / noted before is the capriciousness of the modern administrative state. Some people get justice, some people don’t. And with this, we go further down that road. I will be writhing in the joy of schadenfreude when Pres. Rand Paul suspends the device tax, employer mandate, individual mandate, and Cadillac tax.

And another thing…. The root causality is American business and their continued desire to subvert the wage market. I still don’t know how Democrats get off abetting that, except yeah, they need to win elections now so that down the road they can enforce dystopic egalitarianism where everyone makes the same income and gets their soylent green at the ration depot. It’s a matter of prioritization eh.

Dystopic gets spell checked in word. Odd there, it’s a good word. Anyway.

Your ancestors didn’t come here legally: This is an analysis of a trope, ya know, the literal truthfulness of something people say, a theme people glom onto… I don’t think I’ve ever said “my ancestors came here legally”. Matriarchally, I’m Irish and Norwegian. Patriarchally, I’m Irish and Swedish. Less German and English here and there. I don’t know much about my Irish forebears, I do think they fled the potato famine and were here or working west towards MN / WI in perhaps the 1840s / 50s. My Norwegian and Swedish forebears responded to James J Hill’s call for Scandinavians to work the railroads and homestead here and in South Dakota. But all of them, they just kinda left and showed up here, because northern Europe was a feudalistic hell hole, and I do not blame the Mexicans for doing the same.

My Bailiwick: If you are a lil’ ol’ country auctioneer doing estate liquidations and you have 5 or 10 guns, what you can do these days is hook into one of the national online auction platforms. Not that it always helps, because a lot of the old timer’s collections that go up for auction are kind of pedestrian, and they are pedestrian wherever you are as a bidder, whether that be online or in person. Ya know, utilitarian duck guns and deer rifles. But what the hell, it’s the 21st century, brings in a wider audience, good for business, ya never know, right?

I know first hand this auctioneer in Fogelsville PA was befuddled at the dozen or so inquiries he got on this prior to the auction. Must have been very mysterious.

Him and the heirs might have fainted when the gavel finally went down.

That’s what you call auction fever… And I think I had something to do with it stoking it, as I collated and articulated some tribal knowledge in an article I wrote up this fall.

Anyway, that’s good, as I paid $700 for mine. But it ain’t as if I can start offering it around for $5500. There’s auctions, and then there’s the real, sober world.


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