Jots with dots 11/20

Technology beat / wifes say the darndest things. I was telling my wife I want to be a java programmer, which I am not now. She said, how do you get training for that? I said, I don’t want to go to school again, I think I’ll self-study and frequent some the user groups that you can find on the meetup phone app. She said, “meetup app? that’s not like where you put a picture of your junk out there and say “hey, want a little of this?” She’s a comedic genius, she just can’t turn it on and off like a pro thespian.

Speaking of… everyone likes twitter parody accounts, amirite? I have a million dollar idea for one. Let yourself imagine now, the potential for quips that might come from a twitter parody account called….. “Rapey Cosby”.

My favorite twitter parody account is “Boring Joe Mauer”

Foodie beat: this is spot on Oddly enough, and sort of obviating, I had grape salad last weekend. But it had apples in it.

97% flashback

Lake effect global warming: When us Neanderthal climate denialists say ‘so much for global warming, gehuck gehuck’ we’re really just properly arguing that weather and weather variability remains THE primary explanation for most weather events quite a bit more often than not.

The notion that these guys who pose on the side of ‘science’ (like Hutner) can falsify that intuitive notion with a bit of free style theorizing is…. garbage. No better than people 15 years ago saying snow is a thing of the past. Until you got a research paper to quote that correlates November lake effect snow with global warming, it’s perfectly Ok for my ilk to say ‘so much for global warming, gehuck gehuck’

Carl Willis likely to be Twins pitching coach. Scouting report from my memory: As a player he came to the Twins in 1991 in time for their 2nd World Series run. Lanky righthander, low ¾ release point, slung it out not much higher than his shoulder at the side. With that release, he was a sinkerballer / 2 seam fastball with run guy, but had no ML success thru age 30 with Tigers, Reds, and White Sox. With the Twins, mastery of the splitter crystalized for him and he had several good years. In my mind’s eye I recall this pitch having a fairly precipitous drop along with a lot of arm side fade. There was talk it was a scuff ball. Which, I think, speaks positively to an ability of one who would become a pitching coach.


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