Jots with dots 11/18

Feeling gassy: re your point, senior commenter, I read recently that the Obama administration was consciously cultivating a cheap gas environment to undermine Russia and Iran. Very 80’s of them, kinda pre-neocon. I don’t know if I’m convinced though, it just seems like a something this administration would be loath to do. Americans might take the savings and spend it on flat screens and SUVs see.

The marketplace at work. This is not beyond the pale, don’t know what Stan Hubbard can complain about. I think about the Hubbards favorably, btw, I like that they are into the Koch Brothers.

The black liberal that appears on KTLK was talking about #pointergate this morning. He said, yes, the guy is a gang member, and yes he was flashing gang sings. I can see that might be the case, but the photo is still a nothing event whose importance is dwarfed by the police mechanism combing FB for unflattering photos of the Mayor in an effort to politically damage. That’s still your story.

Vaquero: somewhat far from “Redskins”. My bailiwick: Ruger came out with their Peacemaker replica sixgun in 1993 and they called it ‘Vaquero’ I build ‘maguffins’ for Vaqueros a lot, because Ruger sold more than a million Vaqueros during the 90’s cowboy action shooting craze. It’s just to say, the word has positive connotations. Means “cowboy” more or less.

Could spend some time here commenting on various other outrages, say feminist outrages (#shirtstorm). But these people generally don’t tickle my grievances for some reason. At worst, I don’t get lower than bemusement there.

With immigration, my own feelings are dissonant. Ya know, fair to say one undercurrent is, there are those who are worried that a Caucasian, Judeo-Christian cultural hegemony is eroding in this country and will be lost. And this springs maybe from an educated, highminded regard for the superiority of western civilization, which I too believe in. But it’s also got this creepy other-ism, Pat Buchan-ite thing going on. Which I reject. I don’t think whiteness needs to be actively saved from other ethnicities. Whiteness ain’t special, and ethnic cross pollination is good.

New people in this country is good, and more people in this country as good. Makes for vibrant civilizations and progress. Nor am I this extraordinary law and order guy who thinks institutional respect and deference needs to be preserved.

Still, I think amnesty is a bad idea, probably because it subverts process, protections, consistency, and quality that process provides. Ya know, that and that it’s transparently self-serving for Democrats first and in say in tenth place comes some consideration of national / societal interests.


3 thoughts on “Jots with dots 11/18

  1. pm1956

    Gassy: just to be real specific–i don’t think that presidents are really responsible for gas price rises or falls…but politically they get the blame for the price rises, so they ought to get the credit for the falls as well. Really, to the extent that they can influence prices at all, they are only able to do so in the short term, so it might be possible for Obama to get a short term fall in oil prices to “punish” Russia and Iran…but only in the short term.

    Absolutely agree with you about #pointergate. The story is the Union and the police going after the Mayor (and the Chief of Police, too). On this, I support the mayor.

    Also generally agree with you on immigration. Immigration is good for this country. Good for the economy, good politically, good culturally. I understand that change makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but change is also both inevitable and necessary.

    It would be better if the House and Senate would take this action, but the GOP is captive to its nativist wing, and the leaders (who i think secretly are in favor of the kinds of steps that Obama wants to take) are mortally afraid of the rank and file, who are opposed to this. And there are demagogues (Cruz) who will use this issue to gain power, and they simply do not care about what is in the long term best interests of either the country or the GOP. Cruz is no fool, he knows what is best for the coutnry, but he is more interested in what is best for him. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill, and the house refused to take it up, because Boehner couldn’t pass it with just GOP support (and he was afraid of losing his post).

    I think that Obama should go ahead and pull the trigger. This needs to be done. It is no different than what both Reagan and Bush (I) did via executive action before.

    BTW, did you notice who Pelosi put in charge of the DCCC? A Latino. If the GOP shuts down the government because of this immigration issue, you can count on the democrats to make as much hay out of this for Latino support as they possibly can. Maybe tip Texas to a blue state?

  2. pm1956

    Oh, wait, I almost didn’t notice….a promotion? to Senior Commenter? (hope I’m not taking too much leeway by using Caps there).

    All I can say is….Wow.

    First, I’d like to thank my long suffering mother, who…



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