Jots with dots 11/12, overgeneralized pop psychology edition

Jonathon Gruber, the gift that keeps on giving.

Howard Dean.

Dean wanted single payer right? Well, with his outrage he demonstrates he’s in tune with the correct populist sentiment.

As I say, this ‘we have to lie (a little / sometimes / often) to get past the recalcitrance of the stupid American voter’ is a keystone of Democrat thought from the dorm room to the campaign war room. I’ve been both places, heard it said fairly often and casually. Ya know, Democrats are thought more cerebral, and I do recognize the urbane, cultured, superficially high intelligence person that is so much more common within the Democrat base. I was one, for a brief time. And thing is they basically detest the American common man (or woman). This is not a new thing, Orwell described the urbane leftists hatred of the common man in Road to Wigan Pier. And so we could bring in Marx and have a serious dialectical discussion there right? But as an Aspergers goofball myself I have wondered if that sort of misanthropy found among the leftists is something that correlates merely to Asperger-ian high intelligence. Why these people gravitate towards liberalism rather than conservatism, I haven’t settled on an answer.

Conservative outrage dujour: Weekly Standard thinks Fortunate Son is inappropriate for whatever Veteran’s day ambience it is we need to achieve.

I disagree. Further, I happen to think Fortunate Son is one of say the 5 greatest rock songs ever. I can’t think of one superior, but ‘in the 5 greatest’ gives me some wiggle room.

I was moved to contemplate what Springsteen did during Vietnam, seeing as he now finds himself comfortable basking in the populist soft focus glow of veteran themed jingoism / iconography / hagiography. Turns out he pulled a Nugent at his draft board evaluation, though he may have stopped short of smearing himself with human waste. That’s …what’s the word…’ironic’.

Footnote 13


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