Jots with dots 11/6

With the wave, some people that I like nationally won, but I don’t get a thrill out of this stuff as much as I used to. Didn’t watch any talking heads Tuesday night, had History channel on until 9:30. Me, the wife, and the ten year old are into the Oak Island show. Then we went to bed. I did have one eye in the Twitter, and by then knew it was a good night for the Rs. I didn’t vote for any winners. I voted for Tom Degree locally, a Democrat, and he didn’t come all that close, losing to Kathy Lohmer 55/45%. McFadden and Johnson of course…

Ya figure, Tina Smith may be Governor someday. Commenter emeritus PM knows her, has nice things to say. It’s curious that this is a person who did not consciously set out for a political life like some others, and has ascended pretty high and may not be done.

What’s to come: I don’t know. Maybe Keystone. Not an impressive press conference by the President yesterday. I like this. But for it to be true, it demands that the President undig his heels. I have no great sense that Republicans would block for instance sentencing reform. They certainly wouldn’t block tax reform. One thing is, Democrats ostensibly believe in tax reform / corporate tax reform too right? Well then, the onus is on them to surrender their demand they ‘get something’ for participating in its passage, ie, revenue neutrality. They don’t have any sincere concern over deficits anyway. Just get it done and take credit for “getting something done”, which reflects well on everyone. I have no misconceptions about the long term staying power of Republicanism, but Obama as a dour, recalcitrant figure does not do the Democrats 2016 candidate any good, particularly I think if they are bent on nominating a sexless nag like Hillary or Warren.

I don’t think the intuitive conventional wisdom on immigration reform is correct. It harms whoever approaches it, including the President. There’s no way to take an administrative action and get it right.

Coddling: Big brouhaha between the baseball geeks at hardball talk, Craig Calcaterra and Aaron Gleeman, and then Jim Souhan here over this. I don’t think Souhan knows what he’s talking about. Mauer wasn’t coddled. When he was healthy to play, he played. Mauer is going to be 32 I believe. It would be realistic for everyone to understand that 30+ year old players do not have the same dynamism as players in their 20’s. And another thing about Mauer is, he’s such a big fella that he may age worse to a lot of other players by comparison. Ya know, yeah, he makes a lot of money. But that doesn’t have anything to do with what biology is going to dictate. If he don’t play well, it ain’t because he’s coddled. It’s because he’s getting old.


One thought on “Jots with dots 11/6

  1. pm1956

    I logged my customary protest vote against my congressman Keith Ellison…probably for the Independence party candidate. That was my only “loser”.

    Yes, I do like Tina. She is competent and disciplined. It will be interesting to watch her for the next few years, and to see how she does in the spotlight.

    I do have to bite on the tax reform thing. Revenue neutral is not a quid pro quo–if it isn’t revenue neutral, then it is tax cuts or tax increases, not tax reform. Funny how Republicans like to talk about deficits when the other side is in power, but suddenly suspend their concern when they are in power. This is why deficits always go up under a GOP President, and the only times we approach a balanced budget (or a budget surplus) is under a Democrat. Same thing for economic growth, too.

    I tend to think that Souhan is a crank. That said, if the Twin really want to win, it needs to start at the top–the owner needs a plan to invigorate the farm system, spend $$ on player development, and they need a new GM. Un-coddling players and new managers is just moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic. Winning in baseball requires a system to get and create the right players, and a club culture so that they perform and place the team first, and themselves later.

    Regarding Mauer, I don’t think he was coddled. I do think that maybe he should have been traded, back when he had more value. But he is a hometown favorite, and just having him on the bench does get some more fans in the stands…but probably not as many as would winning 90 games in a season, instead of losing 90. Sentimentality is OK, but needs to be balanced.


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