Jots with dots 10/6

Good baseball on – As a baseball guy it’s not like I’m glued to the TV these days. Almost no games for me are must see. I’ve glommed on to the Royals though. If they don’t win the World Series it might be a bit deflating. Short Pitchers who throw hard: Greg Holland, Kelvin Herrera, Yordano Ventura. Love that, gives us non six-footers hope. I guess what we’ve come to understand though it’s not about ‘arm’. It’s about execution of that torso kinetic chain, on which your arm goes along for the ride. It’s a curiosity that the Royals have 3 righthanders under 6 feet tall who can hit 100. Allowing yourself as an organization to sign short righthanders is kind of a Billy Beane, Moneyball thing. You sign short lefthanders of course because there are less lefties in general, by more than say 7:1, and you can’t pass on a guy who’s a successful amateur lefty but otherwise physically unimpressive.

Walrus haulouts, 97% conclusive. I am selective to not post Powerline links, because they generally aren’t persuasive to the people I want to have conversations with. I don’t see how this isn’t the right take though. Haulouts are natural, and these examples are probably natural. There’s not a scientific observation to be made that haulouts happen now because of lack of ice. There’s probably no data on the subject, we probably haven’t yet had a PHD biology candidate try to correlate haulouts with ice measurements.

On Doomsaying – I read the Sullivan piece. If you grew up in the cold war, under the threat overhang of a nuclear missile war, I think it was somewhat natural to have that innate apocalyptic foreboding . For me, one of the great pieces of wisdom I was able to embrace in my 20s and 30s was to reject apocalyptic thinking. Ya know, and it might be fair to say the conservatives display it worse with the preppers and their go-bags and canned goods being a thing. That’s some dumb stuff there. What’s comparable on the left though is this apocryphal view of…. climate change. I don’t see it as much different.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots 10/6

  1. pm1956

    The baseball has been fantastic! I have, of course, been fixated on the Cards/Dodgers, and both games have been great. and I’ve also watched some of the Giants games, and some of the Royals. No disappointments for me. Ultimately, I’d like to see a repeat of the 1985 Series, with the Cards vs. Royals, but so far it has simply been great baseball.

    I agree that a lot of the climate change (which I think is real) talk is apocalyptic in nature. I think that we will indeed survive. Probably not all species will make the transition. But humans will.

    All of this Ebola scaremongering is just so foolish. This is a really hard disease to catch. We are not all going to die from it, just as we are not all going to be killed by ISIS terrorists, or drown due to the rising sea level (although i am not going to be buying coastal property in Florida!)


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