Jots with dots 10/3 #stribpol

Jots with dots 10/3

Tetris, the movie.  You go see the movie, and dream of it all night I bet.  I went through a Tetris addiction at Beaver State.  They had a machine in the student union.   I’d say it was 1991-1993.  It was the Minecraft of its day in some ways.

Submitted for the next edition of Anthology of American Idioms:

Degree v Lohmer.  My curiosity was piqued, so I looked it up.  No wonder he’s working his ass off.  Seat can be won by outworking the other candidate, asking more people for votes.

The Cult of Smart  Yeah, smart is good.  But smart is not infallible, it establishes no authority by itself, and what you got on the on the left is the establishment of a buncha dubious constructs that are there for the express purpose of telling each other how much smarter they are than conservatives.

In which I pat myself on the back that my recent insight has been validated:  Scott Walker, now leading outside the margin of error

First I’ve heard of her, but I’m sure not the last  I feel very inadequate as a person just reading about her.

Transgender locker rooms and bathrooms: I’m not sure actually that the right answer is that the transgender high school kids be accommodated with use of bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.  It seems a bit much, it seems disruptive, it seems provocative for its own sake.  But ya know, I think this is dwarfed by the prurience felt by the fundies.  Way too inflammatory and ugly.

Understand, it’s not that he’s a hypocrite now.  It’s that he was a posturing, know-nothing then.


2 thoughts on “Jots with dots 10/3 #stribpol

  1. pm1956

    Sorry to change the subject like this, but….

    We have talked a lot about different commentators that we like, and one of my favorites is Andrew Sullivan. He certainly isn’t always right, and i admire how he will admit his own mistakes with a remarkable openness. But he often has the ability to really put his finger on things that have been bothering me for some time, and this is one of those:

    There probably is nothing that bothers me more than when news commentators ridiculously exaggerate and play on people’s fears. Fears of Muslims, fears of Ebola, fears of HIV, fear of crimes, fear of the others (black people, gays, atheists, transgender people), the list goes on and on.

    What are we supposed to do, just sit in our bunkers with our guns and ammo and wait for the end?

    The sky is not falling, people! Wake up and ignore these fools.


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