Jots with dots 10/2

In the last two days, WordPress reminded me of the 1yr anniversary of this blog and that I’ve made 300 posts. Cool. There’s not an overarching mission. I thought it would be therapeutic in some ways, ya know, evolving up from comment board trolling. And it has been. I was a journalism undergrad. I think in complete sentences, I like to write. I am working on a collector book, but I basically put it out on another wordpress site like this, and it works well doing what it does there. So I am writing a lot. I’d like to see some more writers here, but actually it seems a lot of people who can express cogent thoughts are moved to do that on Facebook. I don’t know if I will be able to get the ones I like over here. In any event, Onwards!

Bank of Walmart I can’t see what the skepticism is. I had read that Walmart won’t charge overdraft fees. This ought to introduce some benevolence into the banking system that competitors will be obliged to compete with.

The Democrats were at the house again looking for me. A doorknocker stopped by, and she was canvassing a list by car. I wasn’t there. We have a month to go, so I’m sure they’ll be back. I find this astonishing as a matter of data and persistence. At the district level, I suppose this all comes from the campaign of Tom Degree. What the Degree campaign probably knows is that this is a split household, and they think they can get a vote like mine. Which very well might be true. Minnpost had a list last week of some tight state races. My district wasn’t one of them. I guess the assumption being incumbent GOP Kathy Lohmer would cruise to victory in reddish exurbia. I don’t see that as obvious. Superficially, it’s Degree on the ground with all the lawn signs and doorknockers.

I may vote for Mark Dayton, for reasons that aren’t exactly empirical. I am barely in agreement with him on anything and I don’t think he’s effective in a traditional way, but he is a positive presence oddly enough.

Jimmy Carter ‘I could have wiped Iran off the map’ And, it follows, defeated Ronald Reagan. I think that’s potentially true as an alternate history. But the expression goes, yeah, and if my aunt had balls she’d by my uncle.


One thought on “Jots with dots 10/2

  1. pm1956

    And a few more commenters would be nice, too….but you have to start somewhere. So far i think you’re doing a good job. And writing constantly is important. This is an example where you really do get better by doing.

    I have not always been a Dayton fan. Still, Randy Johnson comes off as whiny and shrill. And Dayton does seem to be largely competent and steady. I have to admit that i know Tina Smith personally, and i can vouch for the fact that she is extremely bright. Very good political sensibility as well.

    I have always liked Jimmy Carter, and one of the things I like most about him is that he isn’t automatically “manly”. Knee jerk testosterone fueled responses to world crises are not a good thing. I know that they can get a base all jazzed up (this is particularly effective with the GOP), but it can be a disaster in terms of the long term effects (witness W and the invasion of Iraq, or, if you want to go back further, Reagan’s decision to arm the mujahideen and Bin Laden in Afghanistan in the 1980’s fighting the Russians).


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