An SEO problem

SEO being search engine optimization

A few years ago I started collecting a somewhat obscure brand of 6 shooter that was made in the 1950’s.  Call these ‘Maguffin Six Shooter Co’ revolvers.  And they are obscure.  This company came and went over 1954-63, and didn’t have very big production.  Kinda passed into history as a footnote, and it takes a bit of deep knowledge to want to collect them now.  There are perhaps 10 guys in the country chasing them.

As a matter of demographics these Maguffins are largely collecting dust in closets. They hit the market when estates are liquidated.  And if you have a web site, you can get a lot of calls about what these things are and what they are worth.  It follows that you get opportunities to buy, which is good, because they are otherwise very hard to find.

I do have a web site, a very good one, and  it works just that way.  Problem is, one of these old codger collectors that is basically a competitor also has a website, and it’s got the top google rank, while I have basically the 3 spot.

Now, I can supersede him in time by improving my already superior content.  But there is a stumper I’d like to solve now, and it’s this:

The name of the old company is say ‘Maguffin Six Shooter Co’

The old collector uses the domain name ‘’

I actually went out and bought the URL ‘’, ya know, the literal match to the barrel rollmark.    It doesn’t seem to be anyone’s intellectual property.  So now it’s mine and it’s been pointing to my content for some months.

How is it the top search result for Maguffin Six Shooter Co is his site rather than  Cuz that’s what I want and need.


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