Jots with dots 9/30

MN2020 – man comes to correct conclusion he’s just too deficient of appeal to ever win elective office in this state, shuts down his vanity think tank. You can sort of feel bad for the people who thought they were doing good work there for the sake of good work.

Gardenhire – where else but here does the outgoing manager go to the news conference announcing his firing? Not his fault, not entirely anyway, but it was time for him to go. I don’t think he was impervious to the mysteries of baseball as revealed by new sabermetrics, but he was too old school and missing something the younger managers have picked up on. One thing is, they have made wrong decisions on not the guys who are stars, but the chaff the fills the rest of the roster. Gardy broke camp in the spring with Jason Bartlett, which was an exercise in faith rather than qualitative or quantitative evaluation. Bartlett had missed a couple seasons, and was past being athletic enough to be a professional baseball player. This was apparent to anyone watching him. Dumb, futile.

Full page shower ad in the Strib re the MSHSL and trans kids: Now that’s a wedge issue baby. And a lot of money to spend on trolling people. Either that or full page ads are very cheap these days.

Ted Olson for AG: Would be an inspired, best foot forward choice. So it won’t happen.

Ebay spinning off Paypal: I tell ya, I have my fingertips on the pulse of a certain zeitgeist re the payment processing biz. It’s a big fing deal. I’ve used Paypal a long time and liked it. I’ve used Ebay a long time, and it’s been fruitful on the whole with some horrendous experiences at various points.


One thought on “Jots with dots 9/30

  1. pm1956

    Gardenhire. Clearly old school, and not the best of old school either. Given terrible performance, someone has to go. I am not sure that a new manager will be sufficient, however.

    MN 2020. I have yet to meet anyone who really likes Matt Entenza. And this performance seems to ring true about what they all say of him–that he is ambitious as hell personally, and doesn’t really seem to care about anything or anyone else.


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