Jots with dots 9/26

3 people sleeping in the skyway this morning.

Seems absurd, yet it’s not been rebutted as conservative paranoia / exaggeration:

Eric Holder: I try to admire the President, for among other things, kinda a laudable belief system that’s rooted in social justice. Not that I agree with everything aligned with the social justice movement, but there’s stuff that speaks to a certain quality of empathy that’s good. But as an examination of the President’s core motivations, this is almost completely obviatable by noting the President appointed Eric Holder, this corrupt, bumbling apparatchik who was a known quantity because he had been Marc Rich’s bag man when the Clinton’s were bribed for pardons. In recent years, defending Holder’s reputation has always been sorta made by noting how well liberals have been able to dismiss Fast and Furious. Say ‘its partisan’. But there about 10 other things that demonstrate Holder’s fecklessness since 2009.

Burke v. Walker. I live next to Wisconsin, moreso than other Minnesotans. I do my shopping there as a matter of proximity. Ya know, the polls may say that there’s a statistical tie, but can a reasoned insight conclude that Mary Burke is going to win? As an heiress, she’s much less accomplished than Mark Dayton. She never did anything, she’s not a serious candidate.

In which my expert insight is validated. Zingy: “[Phil Hughes] pitches waist high a lot, which is the danger zone.“ Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson on Phil Hughes: "Everybody’s looking from the dugout and trying to keep off that borderline high pitch, but with the way it comes out, he’s sneaky, and it makes it hard to do."


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