Jots with dots 9/17

AP: Wow. We kind of tripped on a tipping pint here and went through a paradigm shift just now, maybe banged our forehead on the sash of the Overton window too. I woulda thought it a bit much for an employer to intercede and suspend a guy while he’s being cited for a misdemeanor. I woulda thought the NFL would stand pat with the gestures they made, and stand with its biggest star. But it is a semi-public enterprise. Well, maybe not the profit part, but everything else. And its angry constituency has spoken, so AP will not play.

Credit Anheuser Busch, Nike, and … Mark Dayton. Yes, I don’t think his perspective was insubstantial. He did figuratively grab the bull horn, and mumbled as it might have been, he was pitch perfect. Embarrassment is the right word, and an authentic reaction.

I’m mindful of this Nike shersey / uniform deal. An absurd and unspoken amount of money is made there for the team, the NFL, Nike, and Peterson on these things. As an aside, I’ll reveal…. my last name is spelled with an o, like Adrian’s. It’s e here on the blog so that the google will allow me to maintain separation in my multiple professional and creative lives. Works good by the way, particularly for a bland name like ‘Petersen\Peterson’.. Anywho, it’s been sort of neat to see all these Peterson shirts over the years. I am an unctuous snob though who looks down on the sheeple who buy them. Very lefty that way, I am. What do they run, $175? More? You gotta be kidding me. I can’t fathom the justification that goes into outfitting a family of 4 or 5 in those things, it’s a financial malfeasance. An enormous business it is however.

One thing was, I in the shop making ‘Maguffans’ last night, and listening to KTLK for the first time in a very long time. Dave Thompson. I think there was some chatter that the Vikings had handled this pretty well, and things would simmer down in a week or so. Not.

Not sure AP plays for the Vikings again. He may have played through his guaranteed money by now , and the non-guaranteed ones cost what, $15 mil to exercise each season? You seldom get superstar production out of 30 year old running backs, sayeth the guy here with a very casual ear to football and its finance. They’ll cut him when the season is over. He’ll play again of course, maybe for the Cowboys, till he hits the end of the line at age 33 or 34.

PreferredOne pulls out of MnSure. MnSure frustrated. Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week, please try the veal. Anyway… remember, MnSure and Obamacare are ‘working’, even though at ‘affordable’ prices the cost structure is not sustainable. Which is at odds with what we were promised. ‘Working’ though.

Chait: Well, to give him his due, one thing is he’s the best and my time is not ill spent reading him. His powers of observation and explanation are exceptional, and he’s a good one to hone one’s thought process against. So I like him and am compelled to read him with discipline. Unlike say, Kevin Drum, who is a pretender. But I don’t think anyone is infallible and that includes Chait, so my thing has been to try and recognize the tics and voids that reveal himself for run of the mill sycophancy and Democrat cheerleading rather than truth.

Neil Degrasse Tyson. I’ll articulate now, one of my consistent axes to grind is with the smart left, and its view of itself as smart and the right as dumb. Why? I dunno what the biggest reason is. I certainly never get lumped in with the dumb right, I haven’t gone through life being told I’m dumb. I do think there is something to be said for the common man wisdom of crowds. Also, as a matter of argumentation I do not think ‘smart’ in itself is be all / end all. Credentials alone are not a proper appeal or assertion of authority. You still gotta be right. I find dubious these tropes where the left says they have greater appreciation for science and epidemiology. Insofar as it ain’t true or true as they would say, that’s worth pointing out.

So Neil Degrasse Tyson apparently has a seminar riff where he mocks W for being dumb and a bigot. What’s the old Mary McCarthy / Lillian Hellman line? Every word is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.

What exactly is the necessity of creating that story if all its elements are supposed to be intuitive?

Religion and redistribution: It’s probably fair to say there’s a bit I don’t realize. I don’t have real advanced philosophical insight, my education wasn’t deep that way, although yes, I am bright and gravitate towards deep thought. But I grind some of my axes to a nub. In the second half of my life I continue to try and catch up on the textual side, rather than bloviate my way through it. I did just look up proto-Christian.


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